Step 1
If you are planning a treatment abroad, our offer is ideal for you. We support the whole process of medical travel. If you would like to undergo surgery in Poland, we will prepare the package service for you. Depending on your needs and chosen option, you will get the online consultations, pre – surgery qualification and diagnosis – MRI, ultrasound or X-Ray if needed, documents translation, transportation from the airport to the clinic and between hotel and clinic if needed, procedure with full attendance – anesthesiologist, prosthesis, post-operative in-patient care, rehabilitation if specified in the offer, post-operative control, fresh and healthy catering and 24 hour emergency number to your personal assistant. If you have already chosen a suitable clinic we will help in preparing the NHS reimbursement forms, translate your medical documentation; we will provide an airport transfer to the clinic and the whole stay for your accompanying person. We can book a flight for you and chose the proper medical travel insurance. For your family members, we offer a broad range of tourist attractions in Silesia and Cracow.
If you are interested in our services, please contact us and specify in which area you are looking for help as well as your expectations with planned treatment. Do not hesitate to mail us, call us or use the contact form; we will get back to you as soon as possible. If the treatment you need is not described on our website just ask about the possibilities and details – we will be glad to arrange it for you.
Please note that the prices listed on the website are estimated – you will receive the detailed offer after an interview, to specify the treatment course.
Step 2
Our specialists will prepare a suitable offer with specific treatment options, services and proposed terms. After receiving your call/e-mail message, your assistant will either help with documentation or contact a Surgeon / Consultant / Translator, discuss your case, prepare a treatment plan. Sometimes you may need to send additional health records. Please have in mind that it will be necessary to give us an insight into your medical record – discharge papers, description and results of radiological procedures (magnetic resonance imaging, computer tomography, X-ray image) to evaluate precisely the procedures needed during surgery and convalescence.
If your medical records are not sufficient for this particular procedure (usually it concerns hip and knee replacement where detailed imaging diagnostics are required to prepare a proper implant) a personal consultation may be necessary. We will invite you to meet the Doctor, to undergo a detailed examination and diagnostic test. Visiting the clinic will be a great advantage for you, as you will have a possibility to see the hospital, to meet the staff and during your surgery-medical travel you will be no longer concerned and stressed.
If you would like to receive a cost reimbursement for the treatment from NHS then a second visit is a must – NHS requires a recommendation letter from the EEA surgeon. We will help you with NHS cost reimbursement form filling. Please bare in mind that the cost reimbursement application considering the process in NHS England may take up to a month, and there is no 100% certainty of the refund.
Step 3
When everything is clear, you will be asked to choose a suitable date, and we will take care of the rest – treatment, transportation (we will help you with booking a flight, we may also organise a flight with the doctor’s assistance if needed), transfer, hospitality. If you would like to travel with an accompanying person (friend or relative), we would be glad to book a hotel, provide transfers and prepare some touristic attractions such as tours or sightseeing. Before your travel day, we will send you all the details related to the treatment and hospitality, together with a personalised medical travel checklist, so you could be calm and feel well prepared for your stay in Poland.
When you agree on an exact date of your visit, the term of your medical procedure and other details, you will be asked to pay 40% of the approximate package cost in order to make a reservation in the clinic. (We need to book an operating room, Doctor’s team, post-operative Patient’s room for you). Approximate cost includes the surgery in the normal course and other mentioned facilities. An exact cost of the surgery will be stated after examination, since only after thorough analysis of Patients health/medical condition – what equals to treatment qualification – the spectrum of surgery and chosen method might be established precisely. The missing part of the price (60%) you will pay on the day of your surgery.
Step 4
We will pick you up from the airport and ride together to the clinic. Depending on the area of treatment and the chosen hospital it should take up to an hour. In the clinic, the staff will welcome you and guide you to your room. All of the necessary tests usually are performed during the first day. We will plan the procedure on the next day as we do not want you to feel tired after your journey. Your room in the clinic is comfortable and equipped with TV, separate bathroom. You do not have to worry about the food; we will ask for a catering suited to your preferences (vegetarian or vegan option available). After the surgery, you will be under the close Doctor’s supervision. The timeframe and rehabilitation program differs from your health case. We provide you with safe, highest quality medical procedures, dedicated care, complete medical record in English and absolute discretion. Your personal assistant will be available for you at an emergency number for 24 hours a day. After your stay, you will get your discharge papers in English and will be driven to the airport. If you need any special assistance, we will provide it for you. Our motto is that you should be able to get back home on your own feet, meaning we will do our best to assist you in getting back to a good health condition on the flight back date.
Additional information
Treatment Costs
Immediately upon receipt of inquiry for medical treatment we make a prior consultation, and if the documentation is complete, we are sending it to the chief physician of the relevant speciality department.
Upon reply – which normally takes one to two workdays – relevant information on treatment option is sent to you by e-mail. The price will be estimated when you will choose a treatment package option. Note that costs may be slightly lower or higher depending on the course of treatment.

Our team is providing official confirmation of appointments scheduled if you wish to file a visa application with the Embassy in your home country for obtaining a visa for entry to Poland for medical treatment.
Copies of patient’s passport and if necessary of an accompanying person is needed to complete this process. If you need a visa, the full amount of the treatment price needs to be paid in advance. We have to confirm information to the Polish Embassy in your home country that full advance payment was received for coverage of treatment costs. Therefore, a letter of certification can only be made upon receipt of full advance deposit.