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Welcome to the ArtesMed clinic

The ArtesMed Clinic was created for women – to care for their health, beauty and well-being. The founders are MD PhD Ewa Galbierz-Kwiatkowska and PROF Jerzy J. Sikora – outstanding specialists in the field of gynaecology and obstetrics. Broad knowledge and many years of experience allowed them to create a place where every woman feels comfortable and finds the highest medical care quality of the best doctors in Silesia.

We work with the widely recognizes specialists in the field of gynaecology and obstetrics, gynaecological oncology, endocrinology, prenatal tests, ultrasound diagnostics, aesthetic gynaecology and aesthetic medicine.

At ArtesMed, we care for women’s health, we conduct prevention of hormonal disorders, diagnostics and treatment of infertility, diabetes and its complications. We conduct consultations in the selection of contraception. We deal with pregnancy and carry out a wide range of prenatal tests. We conduct comprehensive diagnostics of the causes of infertility in couples having problems with conceiving a child. As part of ultrasound diagnostics, we perform ultrasound examinations of the breast, abdomen, thyroid, pelvic and urinary tract.

The area, which we are proud of, is the quality of our aesthetic gynaecology and aesthetic medicine. Consultations and treatments are tailored to the individual needs of the patient. Our team of doctors is constantly improving their qualifications and competencies, we provide dedicated medical care.

The aim of the plastic/aesthetic gynaecology is to improve the appearance and function of the female intimate areas.

The scope of plastic/aesthetic gynaecology:

  • rejuvenation and revitalization of the vagina and vulva
  • labioplasty (correction, changing the shape and size of the labia)
  • hymenotomy (removal of the hymen)
  • reconstruction of the hymen
  • G-shot and O-shot (enlargement of the G-Spot to boost the pleasure)
  • vaginoplasty – correction of the postpartum defects (loose vagina, scars after a vaginal birth and after c-section, treatment of urinary incontinence)
  • Vaginal Narrower

Should you have more questions, please arrange a medical consultation at ArtesMed using the contact form.

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  • I was originally quite apprehensive about travelling to Katowice, Poland for varicose vein surgery but having Maja from EuroTreatMed help me along the way made my experience run smoothly. When I originally contacted Euro Treat Med 2 months prior to my surgery I received plenty of information regarding my procedure and was happy to book with the surgeon. I booked to stay in a hotel called Park Diament only across the road from the hospital where my procedure would take place (patients were given a discount on their stay as well). I flew out two days prior to my procedure and was picked up from the airport by Maja, even though I was 5 hours late due to missing my connecting flight. The following day I had an examination with the surgeon where we discussed appropriate methods for the procedure and was then scheduled in to have treatment in the morning. The day of the procedure went smoothly as Maja was there to check me in and stayed until all of my pre op checks had been completed. After the procedure I was then allowed to leave the hospital at around 3pm the same day and was told to rest in my hotel. I would definitely not hesitate to go abroad for surgery again as the facilities were just as good if not better than the UK and I could not recommend Euro Treat Med and Maja enough.

    declan gaydon Avatar declan gaydon
    14 June 2019
  • Fantastic!, if I could think of a better word for the treatment/service I got from this hospital and the doctors I would use it. I had a very professional young lady meet me at the airport and not only escort me and my partner to the accommodation to make sure everything was ok but also she was with me every step of the way through the surgery and if I had any questions she would ask the doctors or staff and translate for me. I had lens replacement surgery and to be honest I couldn't believe how easy it was, no pain even after the surgery and my eyes are improving every day. Top marks to everyone at EuroTreatMed and thank you.

    Max Andre Avatar Max Andre
    27 June 2019
  • I have just returned from Katowice after having Trifocal lens replacement surgery arranged by Bartosz and Maja at EuroTreatMed. I am extremely happy with my surgery and cannot believe the actual result I now have. My vision is perfect. Bartosz and Maja are so wonderful to deal with and they looked after me at every stage of my treatment. Nothing was too much trouble for them and I would certainly recommend them to anyone who is considering this type of surgery.It is a very nervous time for anyone naturally but their care made sure that my anxieties were very short lived. My surgery was painless and very professional and It was also excellent value in comparison to UK providers.

    barbara fletcher Avatar barbara fletcher
    21 October 2018
  • Great overall experience. I am absolutely grateful for the treatment received. I can recommend orthopaedic surgery here to everyone. Excellent job of our doctors. Also, our assistant - Maya made everything much easier, such a caring and well-organized person. We are already planning to come back for the prostate embolization for Rick, maybe there will be some time to visit the Silver Mine. See you soon and again, thank you. Take care.

    Barbara Collis Avatar Barbara Collis
    26 February 2019
  • As John Lennon so famously said “there are no problems, only solutions”. I had a problem and needed a solution. My right knee had been identified as requiring a replacement by two local NHS orthopaedic surgeons. The first surgeon advised me in November 2019 that he could perhaps operate in September 2020. The next surgeon I approached later that November gave me a date in February 2020 but suitable prosthesis could be found in time and then came COVID 19. Now there was more than one problem. Research on the internet gave me the promise of a solution. Application through the auspices of the ever-helpful Maja, the coordinator for a EuroTreatmed Polish Clinic, required that I send her the appropriate medical records. When these were approved by the medical team it meant that I could choose a date at my convenience for my operation. I then made a successful application to the NHS for approval for reimbursement for the medical care and operation. From the moment I entered the Polish clinic, the care and medical attendance that I received was fabulous. The surgeon Dr Wojciech Pawlak (I nicknamed him “Teddy Bear”) was so attentive and frequently visited me post-op to check his handiwork and my progress. The nursing staff (Kate, the head nurse, the two ward nurses each called Renata) were always there with suitable medical care at the press of a button. Joanna, the Clinic’s Manager, acted as interpreter to the surgeon, made sure all the paperwork required for discharge was correct and listened to the patients and their experiences during the two weeks stay. Finally, the two physiotherapists, Łukasz and Tomasz, who both had encouraging words and disciplines, enabled me to make far greater progress than anyone would imagine. Diet is particularly important during a stay in hospital and the preparation of breakfast and evening meals by the nurses and the lunch menu selection from the local hotel ensured that I had just the right food at the right time. Every day there was a large selection of fruit which I devoured with relish. I have promised to return to the Clinic for my left knee replacement if I cannot get an operation in the UK through the NHS. That I think underlines my confidence and complete satisfaction at the treatment I have received. Thank you, Maja for selling the Clinic so well!!

    Lynn Hilditch Avatar Lynn Hilditch
    25 October 2021