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Your Treatment Inquiry

For efficient and quick processing of your treatment inquiries, and to plan and suggest adequate treatment options, we kindly ask you to send medical records including the following:

  • Your doctor’s reports, the most recent ones
  • Imaging scans (magnetic resonance imaging, X-ray scans) digital as DICOM – Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine or pictures of the X-rays (screenshots)
  • Laboratory test results if you have them
  • Oncology patients need to provide additionally histology results and treatment history

Treatment Costs

Immediately upon receipt of an inquiry for medical treatment, we make a prior consultation, and if the documentation is complete, we are sending it to the chief physician of the relevant speciality department.
Upon reply – which normally takes one to two workdays – relevant information on treatment options is sent to you by e-mail. The price will be estimated when you will choose a treatment package option. Note that costs may be slightly lower or higher depending on the course of treatment.