Dear Patients – please read and monitor our important COVID-19 updates
(if you have already booked or are planning to arrange your treatment in Poland)


Dear Patients and our Guests,

Both as a country and as private medical facilities, we have implemented strict security measures, to make sure our Patients are safe, so we could perform the medical procedures in a planned time frame.

Polish borders are now open for the EU members, and EU flights. At the moment, no self-quarantine is obligatory after arrival, and clinics are accepting international Patients. Until the end of December 2020, the UK is treated as an EU member, and British citizens are allowed to enter Poland with no quarantine at the moment. We will be keeping you informed if anything changes in this matter.

People and citizens of the countries that are not members of the EU, EFTA, EEA, Swiss Confederation,  will need to stay in the 14-day obligatory-quarantine.

Starting from the Saturday the 4th of October 4:00 AM patients travelling from Poland to the UK will need to self-isolate. Please read more on https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-54376357

If you are arriving from outside of the European Union, please note, that you will need to undergo a self-paid genetic test for COVID-19, before you will be let out of the quarantine place. Price of this test is about 450-500 PLN (~100GBP). We do not arrange a quarantine-place.

covid medical travel eurotreatmed updateTo maintain the high safety level, we kindly ask all our International Patients, to perform a test against the COVID-19 before flying to Poland. It will raise the comfort and reduce the risk of cancelling the procedure due to the infection.

Before the procedures which require hospitalization, in some cases, we may perform the tests again, here in Poland. Please note, that for your and our medical staff safety, it is not possible to perform the operation when there is an ongoing coronavirus infection.  We will inform you if this policy changes.

If due to the safety measures, there is a need to perform the genetic coronavirus tests (throat and nose smear), you will be kindly asked to pay for it additionally. We hope for your understanding.

If your COVID19 genetic test result would be positive, we will kindly ask you to follow the SANEPID (Sanitary and Epidemiological Station) recommendations. It may include staying for a quarantine (self-isolation). Additional costs caused by the infections are not covered by the clinic of planned treatment and are not part of your medical travel package. If you require the coronavirus treatment or self-isolation, please note that those costs need to be covered by yourself.

Medical Travel Recommendations:

  • If you are an EU citizen, we would highly recommend bringing your European Health Insurance Card with you – it allows you to receive state-funded treatment in case of an infection.
  • Also, to avoid additional costs, we would recommend buying additional travel insurance which covers the costs connected with flights cancellations, obligatory self-isolation and necessary treatment if you are diagnosed with the COVID-19.
  • We kindly ask our Patients to keep the distance of 2 metres on the airports when possible, wear face-masks in the aircraft, use the hand-disinfectant and follow the current instructions.

We believe, that adhering to the safety rules, we could all take a step to getting over the global pandemic, and to bringing life back to normal again.

We hope for your understanding. If you have any questions regarding the COVID-19 situation in Poland, and how it may influence your planned treatment in Poland, please do not hesitate to contact us or your clinic directly. 

Best wishes,

The EuroTreatMed Team

Please find more information on the Official COVID-19 Governmental Portals:

POLAND: https://www.gov.pl/web/coronavirus

UK: https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus



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Information updated:10.08.2020