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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What kind of company is EuroTreatMed and why shall I trust it?

Eurotreatmed is a registered company which enables foreign Patients to get a superb quality treatment in Poland. It is the only foreign representative of top quality clinics from Poland, acting as an intermediary between a clinic and a Patient, providing best choice of medical treatment, full and dedicated care, transportation and other services such as translating documents or medical records.

2. Do your doctors and medical staff speak English?

Yes, you don’t have to worry about communication in the clinic – your doctor and medical staff will be all English speakers. If some problems with understanding will occur then you have a 24h phone to your dedicated medical assistant who would be glad to help you.

3. What is included in the price?  Are there any other payments or hidden fees? / Is the flight/transfer included in the cost?

The cost on our website includes the course of treatment: treatment plan, a transfer from and to the airport, stay in the clinic, medical examinations, tests, surgical procedure, medical care, rehabilitation (depending on the package option), alimentation, personal assistant, medical record in English.

Your flight is not included in the price, however, we will help you with booking it. If you decide to stay longer or use some sightseeing that you will pay in the hotel or by the tour operator. All of our clinics do have liability insurance, but if you would like to get an extra insurance you will need to purchase it additionally.

4. How long do I have to stay in Poland?

The duration of your stay will depend on the type of treatment that you are receiving. The time of your stay is specified in “quick facts” at the top of every treatment description. However, it will all depend on your health condition and the Doctor’s decision about travelling and flying. Usually, for an orthopaedic surgery, you may stay in our clinic for 5-10 days to start rehabilitation process under the supervision of our specialist, after some procedures you can fly home after 4 days. For some of the treatments, you may need to come back for a couple of visits (Stem Cells Therapy).

5. How can you guarantee the quality of the treatment?

The highest possible quality of service is provided in all of the clinics in Poland that we cooperate with. The clinics take full responsibility for the quality of the service they provide. They owe ISO certifications as well as liability insurance. The Doctors and Consultants are internationally recognised as leaders in their fields. However, you can never fully predict the outcome of the medical procedure, as it depends on the individuall case.

6. Do clinics pay for being recommended on EuroTreatMed.co.uk?

No. Clinics do not pay for being listed on our website. We decide with whom are we cooperating because the level of service, treatment quality and Patients satisfaction are the principles for us.

7. Who arranges the formalities related to my medical travel?

We would be glad to help you with every detail of your medical travel. We can help you with booking a flight, we will contact your doctor and set the details concerning your treatment. We will pick you up from the airport so you do not have to worry about anything – just check with our medical travel checklist if you have all of your personal belongings necessary for the stay in Poland.

8. Can I cancel the planned trip and procedure?

You are free to cancel your trip anytime but please bare in mind that you will not receive your deposit, as we need to make a booking in the clinic – reserve the Doctor’s time, an operating room, room for the post-operative care for the Patient, prepare implants and so on.

9. Who arranges my post-treatment care?

In some of the treatment packages, you get also the post-surgery care.You will also receive recommendations when coming home.

10. What if I don’t find the procedure that I am interested in on your website?

Please contact us and briefly describe what is your medical condition and in which medical area you are looking for help. We will do our best to enable you the highest quality treatment in Poland.

11. What shall I do if I need a visa for visiting Poland?

Our team is providing official confirmation of appointments scheduled if you wish to file a visa application with the Embassy in your home country for obtaining a visa for entry to Poland for medical treatment.

Copies of patient’s passport and if necessary of an accompanying person is needed to complete this process. If you need a visa, the full amount of the treatment price needs to be paid in advance. We have to confirm information to the Polish Embassy in your home country that full advance payment was received for coverage of treatment costs. Therefore, a letter of certification can only be made upon receipt of full advance deposit.


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