Our featured clinics

Our principle is to provide our Patients with exceptional care and the highest treatment quality. We have chosen our medical partner facilities with prudence and consideration, to be sure most restrictive top European standards of medical procedures and aftercare are met. Owing to the long-lasting partnership, we can offer innovative treatments at favourable prices making the whole package a great value for health and money.

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ArtesMed is a clinic developed and designed especially for women who care about their health and beauty. The clinic specialises in the intimate procedure including vaginoplasty, labiaplasty, as well as gynaecological treatments and diagnostics. Broad knowledge and many years of experience make this facility a perfect place for an intimate plastic procedure. 
endometriosis diagnostics in poland

Globiana Clinic

Comprehensive care in a modern facility –  the hospital was fully put into use in 2022. The building is generously equipped with the newest medical devices, meets the highest tandards, owns a diagnosis centre as well as spacious ward. Despite the fact that the facility is completely new and fresh, the team is experienced and well known in our country. The hospital has recruited the best specialists from the region. Globiana has a state of art MRI, performs varicose veins procedures and diagnoses endometriosis.

sanvimed hip and knee replacement abroad in poland with aftercare package

Sanvimed - Private Hospital

Sanvimed is a comfortable private hospital that received the Patients Trust Award. The experienced and acclaimed medical team is focused on joint replacements and joint arthroscopies as well as spinal surgery. With the mission to provide the highest quality care and individual approach as well as minimise Patients’ stress and inconvenience, Sanvimed is an excellent choice for Patients looking for a hip or knee prosthesis, who expect exceptional care and a family-like atmosphere. 

Klara hospital diagnostics abroad complex health check up

Klara Medical Center

KLARA Medical Center is a generously equipped private hospital, offering comprehensive medical services with a focus on complex diagnostic packages, innovative cancer treatment using NanoKnife IRE angiodynamics device and a specially designed ward for Stem Cells Therapy.

Okulus private hospital lens replacement laser vision correction in poland

Okulus Clinic

Since the moment of establishment of the second departament in the year 2002, Okulus Clinic doctors have performed thousands of surgical and laser procedures. The operating rooms are equipped with the most advanced medical devices, which are solely new and are provided by the world leaders in the manufacturing of medical devices – among others by companies such as ZEISS, ALCON, TOPCON, and TOMEY. In Okulus, the team creates the highest standard of medical care – the clinic possesses an ISO 9001 certificate for medical procedures. 

neo hospital da vinci surgery rirs abroad

NEO Hospital in Krakow

A modernly equipped hospital of the 21st century means an efficient and creative combination of two foundations: people and technology. NEO HOSPITAL in Cracow combines the most outstanding speciality doctors with ultramodern equipment (among others, the Da Vinci Robot), thus building up one of the most effective and patient-friendly medical centres in Central and Eastern Europe.

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American Heart of Poland

American Heart of Poland is the biggest network of cardiology, angiology and cardiosurgery hospitals in Poland with over 30 Departments. With over 14th years experiences, outstanding team of doctors and the most modern medical equipment, the clinic is a leader in the field of cardiology in Poland.
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Euromedic is a multi-ward private hospital localised in the centre of Katowice. Its great value is the medical team – internationally recognised surgeons, who have a long experience in treating foreign Patients. The modernly equipped facility, where pioneer eye and venous surgeries are performed, is well known across Europe. The great effort is put into comprehensiveness and quality of the treating process.