Euromedic, localised in the centre of Katowice, is a multi-ward private hospital.  The modernly equipped facility, where internationally recognised surgeons perform pioneer eye and venous surgeries. The hospital has a long experience in treating foreign Patients. Comprehensiveness and quality are the principles.


Euromedic is a modern private clinic with over 22 years of experience in eye surgery and venous procedures.

Pioneer surgeries

The recognisable worldwide facility, pioneer (first in Poland and third in the world) in the treating chronic venous insufficiency in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis. It is also one of the five first clinics that have implanted the trifocal lens AcrySof® IQ PanOptix® by Alcon in cataract surgery. The first in Poland to proceed the prostate artery embolization procedure featuring the world precursor of this method – Dr Hugo Rio Tinto from Lisbon.

Extraordinary medical team

The greatest hospital’s value constitutes of the outstanding medical staff – doctors from EuroMedic gain experience in many international medical centres, publish their articles in prestigious scientific magazines and are invited to give lectures at many medical congresses.  Every staff member puts the great effort to education and continuous skills improvement.


Modern equipment

It’s a large facility, over 3,5 thousand square metres with many specialised wards. To maintain the highest standards of safety and comfort the Hospital provides an anesthesiological, intensive care and intensive cardiac care ward. The hospital is entirely computerised. All departments are equipped with latest medical devices for diagnostics and surgery. The Department of Diagnostic Imaging (CT, MRI, X-ray) is open 24/7.

In the hospital building Patients can rest and recovery in comfortable and cosy rooms, all equipped with bathrooms, WI-FI and TV.


The hospital owes ISO certificates to prove the highest quality of provided services.