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KLARA Medical Center (Centrum Medyczne Klara) is a modern facility offering comprehensive medical services with a focus on innovative cancer treatment with NanoKnife IRE angiodynamics device and with a specially designed ward for Stem Cells Therapy where autism and sclerosis lateral amyotrophic (SLA) is treated with mesenchymal stem cells.

Accurate diagnosis and appropriate effective therapy in conjunction with medical equipment meet the highest world standards, allowing the Clinic to guarantee comprehensive care for Patients.

The whole clinic is entirely computerised and modernly equipped.

In the daily work, Klara values safety, professionalism, commitment, kindness, responsibility for the health of others and we continually strive for excellence that allows us to gain the trust of Patients.

The greatest value is the best specialists in Poland – the whole team is carefully selected to provide the highest standards of medical treatment.

As one of the few centres in Europe, we have our own NanoKnife IRE system for non-thermal ablation for the treatment of tumours located in proximity to vital anatomical structures, used for the treatment of cancers of the pancreas, prostate, liver and kidney. We also offer rare experimental treatments of neurological and orthopaedic disorders (multiple sclerosis, ALS, autism, diseases and injuries of the articular cartilage)”.

In January 2015, Klara Medical Center opened the branch of Phage Therapy of the Institute of Immunology and Experimental Therapy of the Polish Academy of Sciences, treating inflammations of bone and soft tissue, refractory to conventional treatments.

„The quality of our services is created by cooperation with respected medical partners whose knowledge, experience and the latest diagnostic equipment meets the highest standards of Patient expectations.

In our work, we use certified quality management methods, which makes it the Patients benefit that our unit is based on the effectiveness and comprehensiveness of services. We are aware of the daily progress in medicine, so for the sake of health, comfort and safety of our Patients, we are constantly striving for excellence”.

Quality Policy

Vision –  to create a modern Medical Centre- Clinic and Hospital, Patient friendly, where Patients will feel safe. The highest quality of medical services will be our recognisable sign on the national and European markets.

Mission – to provide Professional health services as well as health promotion.

The overall objective of the Quality Policy established by Klara Medical Center and Klara Medical Center – Hospital in Czestochowa is the provision of medical services. To conserve, save, restore, improve and promote health at the highest possible level as well as meet the expectations, needs and requirements of Patients in a way that guarantees them full security and satisfaction.

As defined: vision, mission and policy, we intend to pursue by:

  • Compliance with applicable legal standards, and in particular the Patients Rights.
  • Creating a friendly atmosphere in cooperation with Patients, increasing their trust and sense of security.
  • Satisfaction of all our Patients achieved through the competence and personal culture of all personnel.
  • The full involvement of all employees in maintaining the quality of services and their further development to improve and increase the number of Patients.
  • Efficient use of the potential of highly qualified medical staff, doctors, declaring the constant improvement of their skills.
  • The use of modern methods of diagnostics, therapeutics and medical technologies compatible with the current knowledge and expectations of our Patients.
  • Optimisation of operating costs to obtain financial results provides the possibility of continuous improvement and development.

Implementing effective management tools ensuring continuous monitoring and improvement of the processes and quality management systems.

In order to achieve the objectives, I declare to provide the necessary resources for the optimal functioning of the system, its continuous improvement and updating current procedures, reviewing and updating of the policy and quality objectives.

The Clinic has received certificates for implementing and maintaining a Quality Management System ISO 13485 : 2012 and ISO 9001 : 2008 as well as other international quality management certification which is awarded only to companies and institutions meeting the rigorous global standards.

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