Hip Replacement Cost in the UK – Private Surgery, no waiting list.

What is the cost of a total hip replacement surgery in the UK? Do the costs only cover the surgery itself, or it included also additional services? What implant type will the NHS hospital use?

In current times, Patients are asking themselves these questions even more frequently. Due to COVID-19 many hip replacement procedures were cancelled, as they were qualified as “non-urgent surgeries”. If you have been waiting for your procedure for the last years, and just before it happened, you got informed that is cancelled and that the new date is unknown… Hospital backlog threatens four-year wait for a hip op after lockdown. You are probably very frustrated.

Degenerative hip changes are quite common and aliment in the age over 50 years old. The joint “wears out” which means the space between the bones (where the cartilage should be) vanishes, and the bones start to rub onto each other, which leads to severe pain, painful walking, sleeping. It may be caused by arthritis. At first, the doctors suggest painkillers, physiotherapy or reducing activities. But for a person living an active lifestyle, it might be a nightmare. The goal of hip replacement surgery is to replace the parts of the hip joint that have been damaged. It also helps relieve hip pain that can’t be controlled by other treatments.

A hip replacement is a complex surgery, usually performed in the local or general aneasthesication, requiring several days of hospitalisation and intense physiotherapy, which will help in getting back to the expected mobility. 

What is the price for a hip replacement surgery in the UK privately?  

The price varies depending on the location and the reputation of the facility. The range starts with about £10,500 (for just the operation itself) and sometimes the hip replacement cost in the UK is £15,400. 

The average quote for the hip replacement privately in the UK was about £12,500 (October 2020). Usually, this cost covers the procedure with about 3-5 days stay. On the top, you will need to add consultants visit, a walker and a pair of crutches, additional examinations such as X-Rays, blood tests, sutures removal and a check-up. If, after the procedure, you will need a blood transfusion (a dosage of blood and plasma, which is common after the hip replacement) it will be added to your bill. 

What if I cannot afford the hip replacement privately in the UK?

We have good news for you – there is a possibility, to undergo a private hip replacement abroad, for example in Poland. The all-inclusive stay for a 14-days stay in the clinic, together with consultations, surgery, high-quality implant by Zimmer Biomet or Smith&Nephew, daily physiotherapy, a la carte menu, private room in the clinic for you and a companion who could stay in the hospital’s room with you, would cost you about £7300. The packages are highly competitive and are praised by international Patients, who decided to undergo their hip replacement privately, in Poland. Until the end of 2020, there is an option to receive a cost reimbursement for your treatment abroad from the NHS. We would be happy to help you apply and prepare all the necessary documents. 

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