Nikiszowiec: The beautiful housing estate which was built for the miners working in a nearby coal mine. Its rich history and amazing architecture from the beginning of the 20th century create a unique atmosphere, definitely worth seeing. It is made of 9 densely built-up quarters of residential buildings united with characteristic batten plates and the St. Anne’s Church from 1927. The housing estate became a background for many films about the Upper Silesia, among others “The Salt of the Black Earth” by K. Kutz and „Barbórka” by M. Pieprzyca. In 2011 Nikiszowiec was entered into the list of historical monuments which started the endeavours to enter the town into the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Silesian Museum: The history of the region inside the piece of great architecture: The new complex of buildings of the Silesian Museum, situated in the former Katowice coal mine create the new centre of cultural life for the city. Permanent exhibitions include the history of Upper SIlesia presented English and also German, and notably addressing sensitive issues such as the area’s German cultural heritage and relationship with Germany – taboo topics. You can also see the gallery-rich in the great Polish art and realistically recreated the history of Silesia region, our industry and culture.

National Symphony Orchestra of the Polish Radio – A Silesian Museum neighbour – great architecture and an amazing cultural experience.