Knee arthroscopy costs UK – how much is keyhole knee surgery in the UK and Ireland?

Is it safe to arrange a knee arthroscopy abroad? When after the knee arthroscopy can you fly? We will try to cover all these questions in our short article.

Let us start with a brief explanation – you have been recommended for knee arthroscopy. What it actually is? What will the scars look like?

What is knee arthroscopy?

A knee arthroscopy abroad or at home is performed most usually under a local aneasthesication (spinal), which allows you to watch the operation on the screen. You will be able to see the inside of the knee. It looks like a cave with water inside (saline), but if you are not so much into speleology, and would feel better asleep during the keyhole knee surgery, it is also an option. After careful examinations and interviews, your anaesthetist will explain which type of anaesthetic is most suitable for you.

Knee arthroscopy could be used either to treat or to diagnose the knee joint. Arthroscopy equipment (camera and a “tool” are very small, so only small cuts in the skin are needed. This means it is not open surgery, but just two small cuts are made.

The team of surgeons insert both a little camera and the tiny tool through the little incisions. They fill your knee with a sterile fluid/saline to expand it and make it easier for the surgeon to view.  During the procedure, your surgeon will be able to remove any unwanted tissue or repair damaged areas.

After the procedure, the arthroscope and any attachments are removed, along with any excess fluid from the joint. The incisions are usually closed with small stitches or using special tape. You may have a drain to remove the excess liquids from your knee. Everything is covered by a sterile dressing.

An arthroscopy usually takes 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the type of procedure carried out. Afterwards, you are taken to your hospital room.

What are the scars after the knee arthroscopy abroad?

knee arthroscopy cost uk and abroad

You will only have two little cuts closed by stitches. After the stitches removal, you will see two little “X” shapes on both sides of the knee, underneath the patella. They will get brighter and disappear with time. 

What is the cost of knee arthroscopy in the UK?

Of course, the detailed pricing depends on the hospital and treatments covered. Sometimes, if it is just the diagnosing arthroscopy, the price is lower than the meniscus repair, shaving or implanting. 

Which factors do we take under consideration:

  • pre-op. consultation with necessary tests (blood, ECG, ultrasound, X-Ray or MRI)
  • arthroscopy (in-patient or out-patient) with anaesthesia and medications
  • walking aids (after a knee arthroscopy you may need crutches)
  • post-op consultation with the operating surgeon
  • 2 physiotherapy sessions
  Prices in the UK (privately)* 
pre-op consultation with examinations about £200 + £350
arthroscopy with anaesthesia £3100
walking aids £24
post-op consultation £200
physiotherapy session £50 x 2
together: £ 3974


*The prices range and differ from about 50%, however, we are showing the average (median) cost.

Why 2 physiotherapy sessions? Early physiotherapy is vital for your future convalescence. Also building a correct walking pattern/movements from the very beginning is very important, otherwise, you may develop an unsymmetrical walking technique.  

That’s a lot of money, so not everybody can afford this, especially younger people, who had an injury playing sports such as football, rugby, skiing etc. 

You may ask – why even go privately if I have insurance under the NHS? Unfortunately, since the start of the pandemic, the number of people waiting for NHS treatment in England has grown by a fifth. 5.3 million people were waiting for treatment in May 2021, up from 4.4 million in February 2020. (source)

But you still have other options. It is possible to undergo the highest standard knee arthroscopy abroad for less than half a price. 

How much is the knee arthroscopy abroad

Here, we also take into account the full package, so the actual procedure, consultations, early-stage physiotherapy and post-op check-up. As a sample, we will use our own knee arthroscopy abroad package –

  Prices for knee arthroscopy in Poland (4 days stay in the clinic under medical supervision)
pre-op consultation with examinations included
arthroscopy with anaesthesia £ 1550
walking aids included
post-op consultation included
physiotherapy session included
together: £ 1550


cheap knee arthroscopy no waiting listFor the highest comfort and efficiency, we offer a 4 day stay in the clinic, so there is enough time for the pre-op tests, early convalescence, and first physiotherapy sessions. You can safely fly home after the discharge. 

The price difference is massive – £ 3974 vs £ 1550, it makes 63% off the UK price. 

If you would like to learn more about the treatment all-inclusive packages that we offer please check here:


We are conscious that you may be apprehensive in terms of travelling abroad for a medical procedure. We do understand it, and those fears are completely justified. Based on our experience, we have designed the orthopaedic treatment packages in such a way, so you feel well cared for through all the process. There are some most common questions that arise.

knee arthroscopy abroad

  1. How will I deal with a language barrier?
  2. Will I be able to travel through the airport after the surgery?
  3. Are there any hidden costs?
  4. How will I travel between the airport and the clinic?
  5. How will my room be equipped?

Let us briefly answer them:

AD 1) Your international patient coordinator (your host), as well as the staff in the hospital, speak English. What is more, the surgeon’s assistant and ward manager is an English interpreter, so if anything is unclear, she will be there to help. Your hospital discharge and all additional documents will be issued in English. Your driver also speaks English.

AD 2) In all airlines, you can choose the “special assistance” option for free. A dedicated airport assistant will help you with luggage, and if necessary will bring you on the wheelchair directly to your seat. After the knee arthroscopy abroad you will be able to walk easily with crutches, but it’s helpful sometimes.
AD 3) The only extra cost is the flight.

AD 4) You will be taken directly from the airport to the clinic by our driver. We offer pick-ups and drop-offs to Katowice airport for free.
AD 5) You will stay in a single en-suite room with a bathroom, Wi-Fi, closet, table, chairs, kettle, tea & coffee, fruits and snacks.

If you have any questions about the above mentioned, please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form:

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I was originally quite apprehensive about travelling abroad for knee surgery, but after waiting a long time in the Uk, I decided to pursue getting treatment abroad. After doing some initial research, I used the services of Eurotreatmed in August 2020, largely due to the very helpful patient coordinator as she was always very prompt and informative to answer any of my worries or questions that I had.

She had organized everything involved with the logistics from start to finish and made the whole trip and experience very successful, including a private taxi service to pick and drop you to and from the airport to the hospital, which was included in the price so you had nothing to worry about.

My coordinator arranged for me to arrive on Wednesday at the hospital, where I was admitted to my own private room with an en suite which also had an extra bed to allow a family member to stay with me. I had knee surgery on Thursday which was performed by the excellent surgeon and his team.

For the operation, I had a local anaesthetic, which allowed me to watch the procedure on a screen, and involved the removal of lots of loose bodies (pieces of broken cartilage) which were floating around my knee and getting stuck, cartilage shaving and meniscus repair.

The aftercare that I received was excellent from the brilliant nurses, who were always available and they provided 3 excellent meals every day, to the amazing physiotherapist who got me on my feet and walking on crutches the next day. The physio came every day and gave me confidence and new exercises to keep performing to help strengthen up my knee.

I was discharged on Sunday to return home to Uk and was given all receipts and medical reports in English. It’s been 2 weeks since the operation now and recovery is going great and I’m already walking without crutches now.

I would highly recommend Eurotreatmed, and I would like to say a big thanks to the whole team at the hospital for their kind hospitality for hosting me in Katowice Poland.