Cracow is one of the prettiest cities in the Europe. It is the second largest city of Poland and the country’s ancient capital. Cracow is one of the top tourist destinations of Poland. The city basks in the glory of its long history and it greatly treasures its reputation of the cultural capital of Poland. Cracow’s due to its seven universities and almost twenty other institutions of higher education make it the country’s leading centre for science and education. There are many great places to visit, Wawel Castle, The Old Jewish District – Kazimierz, beautiful Main Market Square and much more.
Wawel Castle is a 3-storeyed Gothic castle in Krakow built by Casimir III the Great between 1333 and 1370. Successors made many extensions and modifications. The Castle was the official residence of royalty and a symbol of Polish statehood for a long time.

Main Square or Main Market Square is the centre of Krakow’s Old Town and one place that every tourist has to visit. Designed in 1257, didn’t change much since then in terms of the layout and structure. This 200-square meter area is considered one of Europe’s biggest medieval square. Main Market Square is rich in important buildings and historical monuments. There is the Cloth Hall, the first shopping mall in the world. Amazing Rynek Underground – interactive museum under the market square surface. Other attractions here include St. Mary’s Basilica, the unique Town Hall Tower, and more. 

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