Insurance for medical travel – which insurance shall I buy if I travel to have surgery abroad? 

It’s a common question, we are conscious that many regular insurance companies do not cover medical travel. Some of them even don’t allow people over 80 to purchase regular travel insurance.

As a basic in all travel across the European Union, we recommend applying for a European Health Insurance Card, which is a free card issued by your national health system. British NHS issues a GHIC instead of an EHIC, which also covers emergency medical treatments, such as the need for an ambulance in the EU.

All the hospitals in Poland possess insurance against malpractice, and the experienced medical teams always do their best to achieve the best result. However, if you would like to have peace of mind, and use an additional insurance product, that will not only work as regular travel insurance but also cover a prolonged stay, and costs of travelling back for a re-operation if necessary, we may recommend the following insurance products: 

Medical Travel Insurance by AXA

AXA is travel insurance designed for patients travelling abroad for the planned surgery.

The insurance for medical tourists created by AXA Partners and Clinic Hunter protects you against:

  • the loss of deposit in case you would need to cancel the treatment and travel for unforeseen personal reasons (e.g. death of a family member, hospitalization, any legal case)
  • bearing the costs connected with an unforeseen extension of the stay (e.g. when your  health condition gets worse)
  • bearing the costs of return travel when there is a need for revision treatment in the future.

Apart from the benefits listed above, such insurance includes standard travel protection, which is baggage loss or damage, accidents, civil responsibility and sports equipment. Please read the terms and conditions.

spine surgery herniated disc surgery abroad in poland

Medical Travel Insurance by Medical Travel Shield

Our Partner, Medical Travel Shield is travel insurance designed for patients travelling abroad for either Dental Treatment, Cosmetic surgery, Elective surgery or IVF/Fertility treatment. The cover can also be provided for the patient’s travelling companions.

A London based insurance broker authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. FRN 402061. The company provides innovative insurance products to the private health and medical industries. Through our various partnerships, they are able to offer bespoke insurance products with a personal and fresh approach. For insight into our products and services, please view the specific brand areas of the site.