“NHS cancelled my operation due to COVID-19” – consider treatment in Poland – no waiting list, highest care and hygiene standards

There are now more than 157,000 confirmed coronavirus cases in the UK (data: 28th of April 2020) and more than 21,000 people with the virus have died. This data is terrifying, but except the virus, there are still other illnesses that need immediate interventions! Because of the unusual demand for experienced healthcare workers, as well as the fear of spreading the infection, the NHS has cancelled thousands of planned surgical procedures and diagnostics. What is more, the NHS hospitals have suspended routine operations to free up wards for Covid-19 patients. The surge in coronavirus cases has also extended the emergency response times for heart attack and stroke victims. Patients in need are forced to wait at least 2 hours and 20 minutes for an ambulance because of the current situation. 

If your shoulder, hip or knee replacement surgery was cancelled, cataract treatment or lens replacement procedure delayed – consider undergoing your treatment abroad. In Poland, there is no waiting list in the high-quality private facilities, and prices are significantly lower comparing to the UK while providing high-quality medical treatment. For example, for the hip replacement surgery with 14-days stay and total care package including physiotherapy, you would pay 50% of the UK price of the surgery itself.

The Polish government has implemented strict security measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection, which has resulted in the low infection rate and unaffected private hospitals operations. 

The flights should be resumed in May, so if you are looking for an alternative to cancelled NHS treatment do not hesitate to contact us – the online consultation is always free of charge, and your personal assistant will be happy to provide you with more details regarding the treatment you need.

Stay safe!

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