General Information – NHS cost reimbursement for treatment abroad

New rules for European cross-border healthcare

On May 1, 2016, the rules on seeking health care treatment in another European country changed.

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How to receive the NHS cost reimbursement for treatment abroad?
Some Patients have the private insurance that covers treatment abroad, or they just would like to act fast, and do not want to wait until the NHS considers the application (it takes usually about 20 working days).
If you would like to have your surgery abroad reimbursed by the NHS (which is possible until the end of December 2020) we will be happy to help you in filing the necessary forms and preparing the documents.
We enable you to receive the best quality treatment without waiting time, and if only possible, we will do our best so you could get the refund for your treatment. Due to the recently published guidance on seeking healthcare in another European country, you have the chance of applying for cost reimbursement for treatment in Poland. What is important, you have the opportunity to receive the refund for treatment in private clinics, where exceptional quality and safety go hand in hand with the minimal waiting time.  Below we present the abbreviated rules for getting the NHS cost refund for treatment abroad. Our assistant will help you in submitting and completing all of the required documents.

Abbreviated rules for getting cost reimbursement from NHS for treatment in Poland:

  • logo nhsThe refunding route is called “the EU Directive route”
  • EU Directive rouite is a funding arrangement between NHS and you (we will guide you through the whole process).
  • In this agreement, you will have to pay the treatment costs upfront and claim for the reimbursement when you return. The reimbursement quote could be up to the amount the treatment would have cost under the NHS.
  • We will help you make all of the needed arrangements, including contacting the doctor/surgeon and making all travel and insurance arrangements.
  • For some types of treatment, you will be required to get prior authorization from the NHS before receiving the treatment. For this procedures you will need to get prior approval (full list here):
    • Adult specialist orthopaedic services
    • Major trauma services
    • Adult specialist ophthalmology services
    • Specialist morbid obesity services
    • Specialist rehabilitation services for patients with highly complex needs
  • nhs reimbursementWhen applying for the reimbursement, it is important to supply original receipts and proof of payment in English – we would be glad to help you with documents translation
  • When applying for reimbursement, you will have to provide a letter from the clinician based in Poland, who clearly describes your diagnosis, condition, information based on a fully clinical assessment why the treatment is/was needed.
  • You must be an ordinarily resident in England, and you must be entitled to treatment under NHS.
  • The treatment is the same as or equivalent to the one you would have received under NHS.
  • The treatment is essential to treat a medical condition or diagnose.
  • Applications that require prior authorization and it is proven that if the needed procedure cannot be provided without unreasonable delay, must be supported by a statement from a Polish clinician, specifying what is a medically justifiable time period within you should be treated, based on objective reasons.
  • Applications should include your National Insurance number or NHS number.

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