The Okulus Plus Clinic is a modern ophthalmological institution offering the complex services within the diagnostics and treatment of eye diseases. As the part of our Clinic operate the following: the Ophthalmology Dispensary for Adults and Children, the Fluorescein Angiography Unit, the Laserotherapy Unit, the Eye Tomography Unit, Visual Therapy Unit and the Contact Lens Consultation Unit, the Optical Studio and the Ophthalmological Unit of an one-day Surgery. The most popoular procedures for our patients from abroad are refractive lens exchange and the laser vision correction.

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The Okulus Plus Clinic was founded in 2002 as a specialised ophthalmological center. It disposes of an ophthalmological hospital in Bielsko-Biala (90 km from Krakow) and an advanced treatment dispensary in Jaworzno (35 km from Krakow). We offer to our patients a complex diagnostics as well as surgical and laser treatment of the eye diseases. Thanks to the knowledge and experience of our doctors and the excellent equipment of our institution – we offer the highest-quality and world-class services.

The experience of our medical team and the high-class, modern equipment of our institution guarantee the position of a leader in Podbeskidzie to us. We join a competent and professional knowledge in our daily work with a kind and full of patience attitude to the patient.

What makes us one of the best places in Europe for your eye surgery?

We have a vast experience – Our personnel consists of established specialists in the field of ophthalmology. Our doctors have performed thousands of surgical and laser procedures. We possess the advanced equipment – the doctors’ surgeries and the operating rooms are equipped with the most advanced medical devices. They are solely new and are provided by the world leaders in manufacturing of medical devices – among the others by such companies as ZEISS, ALCON, TOPCON, TOMEY.

The information referring to the treatment course is available – We take care to inform exactly our patients about their illness and the possible methods of treatment and, together with our doctors, to let them choose for themselves the most suitable treatment method. We offer a wide variety of different modern vision correction methods.

We have created the highest standard of medical care – our results are assessed systematically – among the others – within the frame of ISO 9001 procedures. We constantly raise our qualifications to be able to treat our patients at he highest world level.

Acknowledgement – OKULUS PLUS is an acknowledged  training centre, which is regularly visited by cooperating ophthalmologists. Our doctors are members of many domestic and international professional associations.

We offer to our patients the complex treatment of the ocular diseases: we treat the myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism with the use of professionally consulted contact lens, we handle the treatment of patients with presbyopia that is an elderly disease. We treat patients with cataract, AMD and suffering from the diabetic retinopathy, among whom we perform the laserotherapy of the retina. We also use lasers in the treatment of patients with glaucoma, among whom we conduct the selective trabeculoplasty and in treatment of the patients with the secondary cataract.

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