Hip Replacement in Ireland – waiting lists after Covid-19:

Total Hip Replacement is a highly successful surgery in which parts of the hip joint damaged by osteoarthritis are replaced with prostheses (implants). It’s necessary for people who experience constant hip pain, and they had been diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis, medical images show the lack of joint space, and none of the non-invasive methods could help. The surgery takes about one and a half hours, and the physiotherapy should start about 24 hours post the surgery.

After a successful operation and proper physiotherapy, patients with hip replacement are able to get back to daily activities, low impact sports such as biking, walking, swimming, golf etc. Most importantly, this surgery helps patients to get back to their painless and active life.

However, to really benefit from the total hip replacement procedure, you would need to follow your physiotherapy protocol, and follow the consultants’ and surgeons’ recommendations.

Since the pandemic impacted negatively on many orthopaedic patients, but also led to cancelled outpatient appointments, investigations and surgeries, visits with orthopaedic consultants were conducted on the phone, and hospitals were busy with Covid-19 patients, the waiting lists and backlogs grew enormously. Waiting times differ from clinic to clinic, however, it may get over to several years. We know people, whose hip replacement surgeries were cancelled already 3 times, and the new dates are given somewhere in the unknown future. Since the waiting lists for hip replacement surgery in Ireland are long, the alternative is to go privately. What is a hip replacement cost in Ireland?

What does the private hip replacement cost in Ireland? What is the price for total hip replacement surgery in a private clinic in Ireland?

Many clinics do not show the price on their web pages, so you would need to go through the qualification process, and sometimes pay for the consultant’s visit privately, to receive a figure. Then some unpleasant surprises may occur – the price was just for the procedure, and there is a hospital’s fee and implant price on top. And.. you are discharged on the second day following the surgery, with recommendations on how to self-manage the postoperative pain, and a leaflet with exercises to do at home. That does not sound like a perfect recipe for a quick and efficient recovery.

From the information we have gathered, the approximate cost of the hip replacement surgery in Ireland with hospital fees + ceramic hip implant and 2 days in the hospital is around 14,000 Euro. And since the proper physiotherapy is 50% of success, on top of that you would need to add private sessions with a rehabilitator. That’s a lot, and unfortunately, a lot of people simply could not afford it. The cost of a private hip replacement in Ireland is high – what are my options?

Going for a hip replacement abroad – Can I get reimbursement for a private hip replacement surgery in Poland?

However, there is an alternative. As a citizen of Ireland, a member of the European Union, you are entitled to a reimbursed treatment in a private hospital abroad (in the EU).
Most probably your GP never mentioned it, and we suspect that he or she doesn’t even know about this option. Our patients who received full reimbursement from the HSE have often researched this possibility by themselves, or a friend or family member who has already gone through it before gave advice.

What is more, since the HSE reimbursement rate for a Hip Replacement is up to €10,967, and the surgery price already with the diagnostics package, 14 days stay in the hospital, daily physiotherapy, care and full board in Poland are approximate 8500-9500 EURO, the only cost that you need to cover out of your pocket is the flight ticket.

The downside is that under the EU scheme, you would need to pay this amount upfront in the private hospital abroad, and you will be reimbursed by the HSE after submitting the whole relevant paperwork (hospital discharge, invoice and additional forms).

How to get a cost refund for a private hip replacement surgery abroad (when I am from Ireland)?

How to get a cost reimbursement for a hip replacement abroad when living in Ireland? There are some steps you would need to follow, this included submitting a form, asking your GP for a referral and arranging your treatment with a Polish surgeon. We help with the form and arrange everything from the logistics side, so after getting out of the plane in Poland there is nothing you should worry about.

You may think that a two-week stay is quite long, but when speaking with our Patients, they highly stress the importance of a prolonged stay under a medical care, hospital pain management, daily sessions with an experienced physiotherapist, and the comfort of recovering in a place, where you have a someone to change your dressing, help you get out of the bed, check on your hip. In the hospital you have a special bed with automatic position adjustment, you stay until the moment of stitches removal, and the bathroom is adjusted to the needs of people post the hip replacement surgery.

If you have questions about the possibility of undergoing the EU Directive Scheme and applying for a hip replacement surgery reimbursement for treatment in a private hospital in Poland, please do not hesitate to contact us directly:

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Ireland - hip replacement abroad, cost refund
From beginning to end the process was seamless and I cannot rate the support, personal care and professionalism high enough. Maja was a fantastic help in making the decision an easy one to make from deciding to go to Poland for a total hip replacement and throughout our stay. Maja was prompt in answering all queries providing full explanations on costs, procedures and helping with documentation. My partner was able to come with me and stay in the room for the duration at a minimal cost which really helped. 
I was fully prepared for the procedures meeting both the surgeon and anaesthetist prior to the surgery and had all the requisite tests and x-rays to qualify me for the procedure which went very well.
What stands out is the care and attention of the nursing staff who were attentive and absolutely lovely to a fault and with little personal touches to meals, help and were totally amazing throughout our stay.
I had considered reducing the duration of my stay but I am glad I didn’t. Pain management after the surgery is key and appropriate to your needs and by the time I left needed little to none. Also the daily physiotherapy fully prepared me to go it alone and with confidence so anyone considering that a 2 week stay is too long, it isn’t for the reasons I stated. The two physiotherapists are a great support professional and very knowledgeable. Their guidance is still helping me recover as I am now home in Ireland. 
I was a little sad to leave if you can believe it as the staff are so lovely. Maja and Joanna the hospital manager both speak fluent English so there are no misunderstandings and both are ready to help with anything not just hospital related topics.
If anyone is on the fence about getting this procedure in Poland I would have to say just do it, you won’t regret it.
Catherine Mullin, Ireland

Hip Replacement in Poland

My Experience by Stuart Roberts – Horticulturist

As soon as I enquired about the hip replacement, I felt quite comforted that the person introducing herself was both professional and reassuring.

I was looking for a way to get treatment for my painful hip condition and having heard that the waiting list on the NHS was a matter of years, not months, and discovering that the prices to go private in the UK were over £10,000 and the aftercare was less than a week, I took to the internet to discover what my options were.

As I was doing my research, I found hope and a possible solution by reading further into the web site that to me looked quite promising. That web site was EuroTreatMed   https://eurotreatmed.co.uk/

It was so easy to use the web site and to enquire about the treatment that I felt so anxious about.

I began by filling in a simple form which was a quick and FREE consultation.  I then received a reply within hours of my enquiry from the patient coordinator Maja Swinder.

Every step from then on in, I was kept informed and guided through the process of applying for treatment in Poland where every single question was answered quicker than I get replies from my friends and family and was left with complete confidence in the whole process through Maja’s skilful command of the English language and her efficiency. I dwelled on nothing and had answers to everything within hours and sometimes minutes.

It was a full two week package in which I was supplied with three meals a day in an en suite room complete with fridge and kettle and a constant supply of tea, coffee and always a full fruit bowl.  Within the package is the accommodation and meals for a partner or companion so at no extra cost you can have company throughout the whole two weeks.

Also in the care package is physiotherapy everyday and constant monitoring by the nurses and quite often the surgeon himself would visit to see how the recovery is advancing.

After the operation I was returned to my room and then realised that apart from the wonderful surgery, my needs would be met within seconds. This continued for the whole period that I was there and this care was indeed 24hrs a day every day. The recovery from your surgery is done at your pace and is skilfully assessed daily.

There are no worries about the language barrier either as the nursing staff have a pretty good handle on the English language and Maja is always contactable by phone via many ways such as Whatsapp, Messenger etc…  and she will be in direct contact with the Surgeons and nurses alike.

To conclude, I would highly recommend that this is the correct path to take if you’re looking for total professional care, complete with an aftercare that just cannot be beaten, with the most experienced physiotherapists that I have laid eyes on. I would also like to thank them for their professional conduct too. From start to finish I couldn’t have imagined how much admiration for the whole team that I would bring home with me and I don’t believe that better care is available elsewhere.

Flights to Poland are also very reasonable and you are transferred to and from the airport. Also all of the restrictions and changes that occur during the Covid crisis are constantly monitored by Maja, who will keep you up to date with the latest information and organise everything that needs to be achieved for your safe return.

Thank you all for your care and attention

Best Wishes

Stuart Roberts

Stuart Roberts

Hip Replacement in Poland

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