Prostate Artery Embolization Abroad

Prostate Ambolization Treatment Abroad for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

If you are suffering from an enlarged prostate gland and looking for an enlarged prostate surgery or enlarged prostate non-invasive treatment we would recommend you Prostate Artery Embolization or PAE treatment. Prostate artery embolization, as a treatment for a benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is proved to be a safe and effective alternative to traditional enlarged prostate treatments. During a low-invasive procedure, the surgeon performs the embolization of the arteries of the prostate, which leads to a substantial and permanent reduction of the prostate gland.

For your prostate artery embolization treatment abroad, we would highly recommend one of the best private clinics in Poland, that specializes in prostate artery embolization procedure. The advantage you will get is receiving the top-notch medical service at a competitive price – usually significantly cheaper than in the UK or other European countries.

Quick facts about the prostate artery embolization abroad – cost and recovery information

Benefits better flow of the urine, less pain, less night wake-ups, better sexual ability
Anesthesia local, groin
Flight Home minimal 2 days
Stay in Poland – Recommended  7 days
Follow up next day, before flight, after a month
Pre- and post-surgery consultation  included in price
Full recovery time 7 days
Driving 3 days
Approximate Package cost depending on Patient’s needs and Doctor’s examination – approximate 12500 PLN (2554 GBP) + stay at the Hotel + flight
General information about the prostatic arterial embolization abroad

What is prostate artery embolisation?

The prostate is a men’s gland located in the reproductive system surrounding the urethra. It produces the fluid that carries sperm during ejaculation. When men get older, the prostate gland grows bigger, because of the lower level of testosterone and other hormones. More than 90% of men over 80 years old suffer from an enlarged prostate gland and willing to find an enlarged prostate gland treatment, especially low invasive method (surgery). An enlarged prostate gland may cause problems with urinating, slow urine stream, problems with ejaculating. 

Prostatic arterial embolization in Poland is a low invasive (non-surgical) and effective method of treating enlarged prostate gland. The surgeon (Phlebologist, vein specialist or an interventional radiologist) enters the gland through blood vessels and blocks the arteries that feed the gland, which makes it malnourished and shrunk.

What are typical enlarged prostate gland symptoms?

What symptoms may qualify me to the prostate artery embolization abroad?

Usually less than a half of men do have noticeable symptoms of this condition. The most common symptoms of an enlarged prostate gland are:

  • Delay in urination (need to wait until the urine flows)
  • Need to urinate more than two times at night
  • Urge and strong need to urinate
  • Pain during urination
  • Incontinence of urine
  • Weak urine stream
  • Incomplete bladder emptying


If you cannot urinate anymore, you feel dizziness and nausea, probably due to the enlarged gland the urethra had become completely tightened, the urine has been stopped, and the whole body poisoning could have happened. In this case, the immediate surgery is needed.
If you suffer from symptoms mentioned above, and your GP doctor has confirmed, that you have an enlarged prostate gland then you might be a good candidate for the prostate artery embolization procedure (surgery) abroad. It is a great minimally invasive way to bring you back life with no urinating problems, the huge advantage of this method is also, that it does not affect any sexual functions.

What are the benefits and results of prostate artery embolization in Poland?

What are the benefits and results of prostate artery embolization in Poland?

Due to the clinical studies and experience, over 70% of men will gain symptomatic improvement after PAE. Due to the reduction of prostate gland they experience the better flow of the urine, less pain, fewer night wake-ups, better sexual ability. Effects are visible just after a few days, and the procedure can proceed in Elderly Patients or Patients with the pacemaker. 

How do I prepare for prostate artery embolization abroad?

How do I prepare for prostate artery embolization abroad?

The prostate artery embolization in Poland private hospital is usually performed as a day case procedure, sometimes depending on a Patient will or state it might include an overnight stay at the clinic. You will be asked not to eat several hours before the procedure; you might also be asked to shave a skin around the big artery area in the groin. You will also talk with the anesthesiologist, who will go through the questionnaire about your allergies, previous health conditions, medicines you take and more.

Before the prostatic arterial embolization in Poland you may need to prepare following medical tests:

  • Diagnostic PSA,
  • Creatinine level,
  • Morphology,
  • Coagulation system.

In the case of high PSA level additional biopsy or MRI of the prostate is needed to exclude the possibility of prostate cancer.

General information and the course of prostate artery embolization procedure abroad.

The course of prostate artery embolization procedure abroad. Enlarged prostate low-invasive treatment.

After being examined by the Operating Doctor and by the Anesthesiologist, you will be moved into the operating theatre. You will lie on your back on the X-ray table; your body will be covered with a theatre towel. You will receive some sedatives or painkillers through the needle in a vein in your arm. You will also receive a monitoring device attached to your chest and if needed the oxygen. Everything will be completely sterile. After you do not feel any pain, the needle will be inserted into the artery (by the small cut in the groin area). During the procedure, a guide wire, as well as a catheter, are placed into the artery.

The procedure is conducted under the X-ray monitoring. Once the radiologist and the surgeon identify the right artery (by using a contrast fluid), the tiny particles are injected into the arteries, which are in charge of nourishing the prostate gland. These little parts are blocking the arteries, so the gland is not fed properly, and it starved of the blood supply. Both arteries (the left and right) should be blocked this way. When the procedure finishes, the catheter is withdrawn.

After the prostate gland artery embolization surgery, you will be taken on the trolley to your ward, where you will rest several hours, while nurses will take care of you.

Is prostate artery embolization painful?

Will I feel pain during the prostatic artery embolization procedure?

The anesthesiologist will take care of you, inject the local anaesthesia, as well as some sedatives and painkillers. If you feel any pain, the doctor will react immediately to make you feel as comfortable as possible. During the contrast medium injection, you may feel the warm liquid in your blood vessels which some Patient found a little unpleasant.

What are the possible risk and complications of a prostate artery embolization procedure abroad?

What are the possible risk and complications of a prostate artery embolization procedure abroad?

This is a new procedure, but from the clinical trials and published data, as well as experience, it appears to be safe with no serious side effects. Usually, the Patients has small bruises around the injection area, in rare cases, there might be an infection, then antibiotics are used. There might be a slight pain after the procedure which Patients usually defined as mild. Sometimes you may also feel tired and need a week of resting and off-work.

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  • review rating 5  I was 100% satisfied with the services of EuroTreatMed in arranging, organising and overseeing my PAE procedure in Katowice two weeks ago. I had previously had elsewhere in Poland private dental and physiotherapy services, so was confident that although EuroTreatMed was new to me, I would find good quality prostate treatment there. Maja Swinder their Patient Coordinator has very good command of both written and spoken English, and there were no language barriers with her. In my opinion, she has also excellent customer care skills. I was in the clinic for three nights, and have needed about a week back home to fully recover. Overall, including travel costs, the price was substantially below that in the UK. I would use EuroTreatMed again for elective treatment in Poland

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