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RIRS surgery

RIRS Surgery Privately – cost, information, a procedure

What is a RIRS surgery abroad? How much does the RIRS surgery costs in the UK and in Poland?

RIRS – An innovative method of urolithiasis treatment. Kidney stones removal, minimally invasive way.

The RIRS surgery – Retrograde Intrarenal Surgery with the usage of the flexible ureteroscope (URSf).

RIRS is a low invasive procedure, using the newest worlds urology (endourology) techniques. Thanks to the use of highly flexible urethroscopes it is possible to reach almost every spot in the kidneys and the pelvicalyceal system. The technique is used to treat the kidney stones and the upper section of the ureter. Also, it is very helpful in the evaluation of the structure of the urinary system, which allows to diagnose and treat urethral cancer in the early stage.

The RIRS surgery procedure abroad does not affect the kidney parenchyma and is completely painless.

During the RIRS procedure done privately in Poland, we use the holm laser, which allows us to shatter even the hardest stones and deposits. The most common is the dusting technique, which shatters the stone into dust, which is painlessly removed with the urine.

The URSf “eye” allows sending the image from the kidney in the multiplied magnification. The image is viewed on the screen, which allows pointing the laser very precisely on even the tiniest stones.

Quick facts about the RIRS surgery abroad (kidney stones removal) – cost and recovery information

Benefits shorter hospital stay, faster healing, shorter recovery time
significantly smaller incisions
Anaesthesia general
Flight Home minimal 3 days
Stay in Poland – Recommended minimum of 3 days
Follow up next day, 2nd, 3rd da
Pre- and post-surgery consultation  included in price
Get back to work  3 days
Qualification Urologists consultation, abdominal TC scan, urine culture test.
Approximate Package cost depending on Patient’s needs and Doctor’s examination – approximate 9650 PLN (1950 GBP) + flight
Am I a good candidate for the RIRS procedure privately?

The RIRS surgery is designed for the men and woman in every age, who had been diagnosed with urolithiasis (stones in kidneys etc).The procedure can be performed also when the discontinuation of the anti-clotting drug is contraindicated.

How long is the RIRS procedure privately?

The surgery usually lasts from 30 minutes up to 2 hours. The overnight hospitalisation is not necessary.

Which stones might be shuttered and removed within the RIRS procedure?

The RIRS surgery in Poland allows removing both the several millimetres as well as several centimetres stones. Removing the small ones allows avoiding the attack of unexpected and intense pain in the loins area.

The advantages and benefits of the RIRS surgery privately:
  • painless procedure
  • possibility to shutter tiny as well as bigger kidney stones
  • short hospitalisation and stay
  • tiny scars
  • low infection rate
  • low bleeding rate
  • can be used to clean both kidneys at one time
  • affordable treatment price
  • review rating 5  Recently travelled over to Katowice with my partner for him to get a MRI. The service received from Maja and Bartek was amazing going out of there way to make sure everything went smoothly even as far as booking us meals and transfers. Thank you so much for your help

    thumb Adam Strouther
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  • review rating 5  Exceptional service, very short waiting period and professional approach. Thanks again Maja for being so engaged 🙂 Highly recommended!

    thumb Katarzyna Starzec
  • review rating 5  I had been waiting 3 months for an MRI in the UK, so I contacted Bartek and Maja who operate with Eurotreatmed. They managed to get everything booked in and sorted for me, within 2 weeks i have flown to katowice had an MRI and got my results for a small fraction of the cost of what it would cost in the UK. Amazing and quick support from start to finish and I can not give enough thanks.

    thumb Craig Herbert
  • review rating 5  Fantastic!, if I could think of a better word for the treatment/service I got from this hospital and the doctors I would use it. I had a very professional young lady meet me at the airport and not only escort me and my partner to the accommodation to make sure everything was ok but also she was with me every step of the way through the surgery and if I had any questions she would ask the doctors or staff and translate for me. I had lens replacement surgery and to be honest I couldn't believe how easy it was, no pain even after the surgery and my eyes are improving every day. Top marks to everyone at EuroTreatMed and thank you.

    thumb Max Andre

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