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If you are looking for spinal surgery abroad – such as a spinal fusion abroad, slipped disc surgery abroad, herniated disc surgery or scoliosis surgery in Poland you are in a right place – we provide the whole & complete treatment package – no hidden costs. Starting from the free online qualification and setting your operation date, you will be picked up by a private driver from the airport – we will guide you through the whole process in the hospital, starting from diagnostics, admission and surgery, recovery and a final discharge. What’s important, for your comfort, during your stay in Poland, you will stay at the hospital for the whole time – there is no need to move to the external physiotherapy centre.  We have a team of experienced and English-speaking physiotherapists, who will take care of your recovery. If you will decide to come for the spinal surgery in Poland with the accompanying person – you will be able to stay together in the hospital room (equipped with a private bathroom, TV, kettle) for a small fee. For more information regarding spine surgery in Poland (such as a spinal fusion) please scroll down.

spinal surgery abroad, best spine endoscopic surgery in Poland

Benefits from Spinal Surgery Abroad (in Poland)


Support from Dedicated Personal Assistant


No Hidden Fees - Total Care Packages


A la Carte Lunch Menu


on-site Physical Therapy Program


Modernly equipped operating theater


Certified Board – Acclaimed Surgeons


Possible Cost Reimbursement for the EU based patients

Quick facts

Expected outcome Increase mobility and decrease pain, improve stability, correct a deformity, getting back to normal activities
Anaesthesia general anaesthesia – discussed with the consultant
Stay in Poland from 4 up to 14 days
Qualification cost Online qualification and the review of your medical records are free of charge, with no-obligation
Package includes online qualification, KTW airport transfers, surgery, high-quality implants, anaesthesia, physical therapy package, catering and stay in the clinic (room with bathroom, TV and Wi-Fi), concierge services
Surgery duration 2-6 hours
Back to work time (office) Depending on the surgery type, we recommend putting off returning to work until you are properly healed.
Expected recovery time It can take several months to fully recover from a spinal surgery such as spinal fusion, although your comfort level will probably improve much faster. It is very important to follow recovery guidelines in order to make a full and healthy recovery.
Approximate Package cost depending on the Doctor’s examination and medical diagnosis – detailed pricing will be given after receiving your complete medical records. No obligation
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Advance spinal surgery in Poland – cost, information, reviews:

If you are looking for high quality and affordable spinal surgery abroad, you came to the right place. The experienced team of neurosurgeons perform a broad range of spinal surgeries, among others a spinal fusion surgery (also named spondylosis), slipped disc surgery, herniated disc surgery or scoliosis correction. Due to the advanced technology and surgical equipment, surgeons can help patients with spinal disorders. 

  • SPINAL FUSION abroad – (in other words, spinal arthrodesis, spondylodesis and spondylosyndesis)
  • DISCECTOMY surgery abroad ( slipped disc surgery)
  • SCOLIOSIS surgery, endoscopic
  • and many more

In our hospital, we could offer minimally invasive spinal surgery, an experienced and respected surgical team and a modernly equipped operating room (the majority of the equipment used for the neurosurgery/spinal surgery was bought in 2021/22).

Spinal Fusion Abroad (Spondylodesis surgery)

 It is a surgical technique used to permanently combine two or more vertebrae together to reduce painful friction between the bones, correct abnormal spinal curves or malalignment and stabilize the spine after traumatic injuries.

During spinal fusion, the team of neurosurgeons will insert a bone graft between the vertebrae to complete the fusion process. It can take several months for the bone graft to heal entirely, though the pain shall fade within a few days after surgery.Spinal surgery abroad endoscopic spine surgery in Poland herniated disc surgery

Am I a good candidate for the Spinal Fusion in Poland?

If you don’t have a confirmed diagnosis from your consultant, it would be best to get in touch with us, so our medical team could review your medical records, such as your X-rays, MRI, previous diagnosis etc. Usually, the most common signs that spinal fusion is necessary are spine instabilities and chronic back pain. Since it’s a serious surgery, the first methods to treat it should be physical therapy, medications, and steroids injections. If the above mentioned do not bring you relief, then you may be a good candidate for spinal fusion surgery.
If you are a smoker, please consider quitting – Smoking impairs your body’s ability to properly heal. Also, if your BMI is high, your body heals more slowly, and your spine has greater weight to carry.

What are the risks associated with spinal surgery?

Complications are rare, however, the most common that may result from a spinal fusion include bleeding, clotting, infection, and additional pain. Less common, more severe complications can include nerve injury, your body rejecting the graft, and pseudoarthrosis.


What does the diagnostic process in spinal fusion surgery abroad look like?

As spinal fusion is major surgery, the decision about undergoing it must be well thought out and supported by tests. Before making a decision about spinal surgery, your doctor will make a former careful examination, checking if you had any recent injuries, where you feel pain if you have spinal instability, weakness, deformity and other symptoms. Usually, he will provide some extra tests like blood tests, X-Ray, Ultrasound or MRI scans. Before the spinal fusion surgery, your doctor may offer you other methods of treatment like physiotherapy or medications.

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Get an appointment at a private hospital specialising in orthopaedic surgeries, with a dedicated team for spinal surgeries, offering a total care package (everything included in price). The accompanying person can also stay with you in one of the comfortable Patient rooms in the clinic.

Sanvimed – Private Hospital

Total knee replacement abroad best surgeon Sanvimed is a comfortable and modern private hospital owning the ISO certificate and Patients Trust Award. The experienced and appreciated medical team is focused on joint replacement – the private hip replacement and knee replacement. With the mission to provide the highest quality care and the latest methods of treatment, Sanvimed is an excellent choice for Patients looking for spinal surgery in Poland, who expect exceptional care and a family-like atmosphere. 

Private knee replacement abroad HSE reimbursementspine surgery herniated disc surgery abroad in poland

Hi Maja we would just like to say a big thank you for all your hard work and organisational skills and the professional kindness you have shown us before and during our stay in the hospital.
Please pass on our deepest gratitude to the surgeons, nursing staff, administration staff physio staff and the staff that keep the place so nice and clean.
Everyone has gone far beyond anything we have experienced before it has all been first class we would  recommend your clinic without hesitation thank you all very much stay safe and as my surgeon says be happy !!!?kind regards john and michelle
John and Michelle

Orthopaedic Surgery

View the video about the spinal surgery risks and benefits on the official NHS website:


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