Treatment Abroad – Medical Travel to Poland Step by Step

  • If you are interested in any particular medical tourism related service or treatment, please contact us – our representatives will guide you through the whole process of medical travel/cost reimbursement / stay in Poland.
  • You will be probably asked to send your medical records as the Doctor needs to conduct the qualification. In some cases, especially if you would like to claim the reimbursement in NHS, or you are planning to undergo an endoprosthesis procedure, the qualification visit in Poland might be necessary.
  • If the suitable date is settled, our representative will help you book the flight tickets. You will be asked to pay a 40% (depending on the treatment) of the package cost upfront – the clinic needs to book a term, prepare Doctor’s schedules, book a post-operative room for you. Sometimes the hospital needs to order a dedicated implant.
  • Before the travel day, our representative will contact you in order to check if everything is well prepared. To undergo any surgery, you will need a valid hepatitis vaccination – please bring confirmation with you.
  • Our representative will wait for you at the Airport – you will see a EuroTreatMed cardboard, you will travel together to the clinic.
  • Your first steps in the clinic will be at the Reception desk, where you will be asked to sign the treatment agreement as well as pay the missing part of the quote.
  • The dedicated nurse will assist you from the Reception to your room. You will have time to make yourself comfortable. During the first day, you will usually undergo a nursing history interview, Doctor’s consultation, blood tests. You will be served 3 meals a day – chosen by you from the Menu.
  • As before a general anaesthesia, you need to have an empty stomach; you will miss the breakfast on the procedure day. A nurse will assist you to the operating theatre.
  • You will be adhibited a general anaesthesia – the procedure will be completely painless. During dental treatments, you will receive a regional anesthetization.
  • After the procedure, you will be moved back to your room, where with the special care of nurses you will rest and recover. The anesthesiologist will be available to moderate your pain sensations.
  • During next days you will rest a lot, with the help of physical therapists, nurses and doctors care. You will have the 24h emergency number to one of our representatives if you need any additional assists.
  • On your flight home day, you will be investigated by the Doctor one more time, to make sure you are ready to travel. You will receive your medical record and other documents. You will also get the referral to stitches removal back in your town. Our representative will drive you to the airport and help with all of the formalities.
  • We will stay in touch if you need any advice or would like to talk about the course of recovery.