Every now and then we experience some health issues that require us to take actions. We see the doctor to find a diagnosis, try to research available therapies and sometimes eventually end up with a need to sign up for an operation. For many people an idea of getting a medical treatment alone is quite scary not to mention travelling to another country or continent where one is not certain what to expect. In those stressful moments we want to be surrounded by our family and friends, be close to comfortable home and have as much confidence as possible that we made the right decision and that everything will go fine. Nevertheless, in some cases from different reasons Patients consider going for a treatment abroad. Here, at Eurotreatmed, we understand that it is not an easy choice and we acknowledge some difficulties that come across while travelling for medical reasons. Let us go through the typical doubts and show how we address those, providing a package service for a treatment abroad.

Quality of treatment in Poland

The question that might arise is: “are the doctors there capable of helping me in the first place?” Is there enough support from the medical staff? Am I going to be well cared after? Is the medical equipment and infrastructure at the high level?

As you might have heard, Poland used to be under a communism influence once upon a time. Since nineties of the last century it has gone through a wave of transformation which caused a dynamic growth and a significant rise of the life quality and the intense economic growth. Today, Poland is a proud member of the European Union, with high quality standards of medical care (confirmed by ISO certificates) that are regulated by law. In years 2013-2020 Poland is the biggest beneficiary of EU funds1 which has allowed for modernization of the medical equipment and infrastructure of Polish clinics. Private facilities provide the highest quality medical service which is competitive to the one received in the western countries. We strongly recommend you visit us before you decide for an operation to see all of this by yourself. For most of the European countries it is inexpensive to catch a flight and come for two or three days just to meet our team, see the clinic, go through the diagnostics and talk to the doctor. That will get you a piece of mind and will increase your confidence. We offer an extensive and affordable “diagnostics package abroad” which will help you to make an easy first step. If you do not have a chance to come for a prior consultation before deciding for an operation, we would recommend you to get familiar with our authentic patients reviews where you can learn more about the experience and feedback of people that already came here.

Language barrier

So, the main language in Poland is Polish, right? Correct! How am I to communicate with doctors and nurses? Will I even find my way to the hospital and get through the registration without speaking a word in Polish? These are all legitimate questions and again, we do have answers to them. First of all, if you decide to come to us you can be sure you are in good hands. We understand you do not speak Polish so we will guide you all the way through your visit from the very first step outside of the airplane until you safely come back home and even after that. One of the main benefits of our package for treatment abroad is the availability of international patient coordinator who will assist you with all arrangements before, during and after your stay in Poland. You will not need to worry about how to get from the airplane to the hotel, what is the schedule of your treatment, how to get to the clinic and how to go through the registration and all medical procedures or where to find a pharmacy, grocery or a coffee shop. We will be there for you. We only cooperate with English-speaking doctors and most of them have international experience. When it comes to other medical staff, e.g. nurses we admit that they might not be fluent in English which of course does not influence their skills, however, might cause a slight discomfort for the Patients. To address that, in most cases, besides the international patient coordinator from Eurotreatmed we provide an additional English-speaking coordinator from the clinic to provide the constant support on-site and assist with explaining things during your stay in the clinic. On top of that, while hanging around the city you might be surprised that more and more people in shops and on the streets actually will be able to answer in English and help you out if needed.

Company during treatment abroad

When going for a treatment abroad, usually we would like someone to come with us as we do not want to be alone during stressful time and we want to be taken care of by our relatives or friends. If you do not have a company for your medical travel, do not worry. We will do our best to make you feel like home and well cared after. Anyways, we encourage patients to come with an accompanying person and we help with all arrangements related to that (hotels, logistics). In some clinics it is possible to stay with the patient in the same room for the whole time and in others we provide the accommodation which is in the walking distance from the hospital so the spouse, friend or family members can be close to the patient but anytime they have an option to take a rest in the hotel if needed. If they please, we also recommend the options to spend a time outside of the clinic as our region offers plenty of sightseeing opportunities.


In this article we addressed the most common doubts that are faced by our international patients coming for a treatment abroad. Knowing that every medical procedure does not come without a stress and anxiety, our main goal is to make the experience of travelling for a treatment as smooth as possible. We hope that information that you found here helped you to better understand your options. If you wish to ask for more details, please do not hesitate to contact us directly using the contact form.

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