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If you are looking for a top qualifty dental services in a reasonable price, you found the right place. Interested in dental implants in Poland? Placing dental implants becomes a life changing moment. Patients are no longer ashamed with their smile, finally can eat everything they want, do not have to use embarrassing dentures. This is a very popular dental procedure nowadays, but a professional implant job involves much more than the procedure itself – proper and detailed expertise, good treatment plan, surgery, tooth restoration, the art of a perfect tooth shape and a proper colour. It is really important to choose an experienced and valued dental health professional – we invite you to send an inquiry for a dental implant in Poland – our doctors provide free online consultation and the treatment plan.

1. What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a screw made usually of pure titanium, sometimes of Zirconia, placed in the jawbone. These materials are safe, strong, and biocompatible – the body does not reject it. A dental implant is a replacement for the tooth roots or root.
Thanks to special titanium feature of fusing into the bone (called osseointegration) the implant has a natural base of success. This process takes a certain time – depending on the teeth and general health of the Patient as well as personal indications it may take 2 to 5 months. By this time the jaw bone will grow and recover around the implant and makes it stably placed. Then the visible part – artificial teeth (crown or bridge) can be placed on the implant.
Dental implants placed in Poland look completely natural – like your own, beautiful teeth. You can smile, laugh, chew and talk spontaneously.

2. What are the advantages of dental implants in Poland?
  • Comfort same as with your natural teeth
  • Perfect aesthetics of your new smile
  • Implant bridges preserve your natural teeth as are fixed only on implants.
  • The jaw’s bone mass is in balance – without a root the jawbone tends to resorb.
  • You don’t have any eating contradictions and can taste hard fruits, nuts and crunchy bread again.
  • Implants improve your stomach and bowels health as you chew the food properly
  • You don’t have problems with denture bonding.
  • Hygiene is much more simple than with dentures – you brush your teeth like natural ones.
  • Your physical comfort is much greater!
  • You receive a top quality in a reasonable price!
3. What are the implant treatment options?

You can have a single implant if one tooth is missing or if the gap is larger sometimes a bridge is the best solution.

  • After the healing time, a custom-made crown (fitted to the colour and shape of other teeth) is cemented or screwed onto the abutment in the single implant – protruding implant part. When the implant is in its place, it is indistinguishable from your other teeth.
  • If more teeth are missing, your dental surgeon will place two implants and attach a dental bridge on it. In the final step, the custom-made bride replacing multiple teeth is screwed or cemented onto the formerly prepared abutments.
  • There is also a possibility to place a denture onto implants. If all of your teeth are missing on one jaw, depending on the design, two to six implants can be used to support the denture.

On the lower jaw, the minimum is two, on the upper – four. The design of the denture is related to the bone density and already presents implants. A significant advantage of the removable denture solution is a possibility of cleaning of the implants. If you are missing a single tooth, or maybe are tired of using dentures than the implants method implanted in Poland may be a great solution for you!

4. Am I the good candidate for dental implants in Poland?

Missing teeth can take away your self-confidence, stop your spontaneity and become the reason of complexes. Nevertheless, there are many technical and health factors which make you a good candidate for dental implants in Poland:

  • Good overall health condition
  • Healthy gums, perfect oral hygiene
  • Proper bone support
  • No Teeth Clenching

However, not everyone is a suitable candidate for receiving dental implant treatment. The most important are the medical condition and risk factors. The Patients mouth condition needs to be good – gums should be stable, other teeth should be healthy. If you force some decay problems we encourage you to treat it first – our clinics offer a wide variety of the highest quality dental treatments. Patients who smoke or have diabetes have the increased risk of failure in this particular procedure. Smoking lowers the blood supply to the bone. Your jawbone needs to be thick enough to place an implant – to determine a bone mass necessary volume the OPG X-Ray or CT screening is needed.

5. What is the difference between many available implants?

There are many dental implants producers and suppliers. If you look on the titanium implant structure under the microscope, you will see the moon alike surface with many pores and slits. It imitates the real, human bone. As titanium is really hard, scientists treat it with acid, bombarding with aluminium molecules. Due to this kind of surface, the bone cells can adhere easily. The lower quality implants have lower jawbone-connection ratio. In our clinics, experienced surgeons use only the highest quality implants.

6. What is the difference between a natural teeth and the implant?

They look the same and feel the same; however, they are very different. The greatest difference is in its attachment to the bone and its response to diseases and repairs. The natural tooth is attached to the bone by a collagen fibres ligament which links the bone and the tooth. The dental implant is attached directly to the bone. The gum tissues also stick to the surface of dental implants. Dental implants do not decay. In rare cases, the peri-implantitis can occur – a destructive inflammatory response to a bacterial biofilm of the surrounding tissues. It may result in bone and implant disintegration. To avoid this kind of problems, the regular mouth hygiene is essential.

Our Doctors, Oral Surgeons and Dentistry Specialists have applied thousands of implants and crowns, and are certified by international dental associations. They use proven, highest quality solutions.

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