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Cataract Surgery Abroad – Five simple steps to better vision

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Lens replacement surgery abroad – Cataract Surgery in Poland –  Information, Reviews and Cost.

During cataract surgery, a cloudy lens is painlessly replaced by a new, comfortable multifocal or toric lens implant. Lens replacement surgery is our most popular procedure as our clinic specializes in this particular treatment. Doctor Iwona Filipecka who is responsible for performing surgeries is a highly recognized expert and a member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO). Our clinic offers the most innovative multifocal lens implants for cataract surgery abroad, that can significantly enhance your vision. Specially designed lenses can also correct astigmatism correction during cataract treatment. 

In case you are looking for a natural lens replacement we also provide RLE – Refractive Lens Replacement Abroad – the procedure similar to cataract surgery, however, this kind of lens replacement is used to correct presbyopia caused by ageing. Sometimes it’s also called natural lens replacement. To become glasses independent, we would recommend choosing the highest quality Trifocal lenses (such as PanOptix), which gives exceptionally good results. For your convenience, two eyes may be operated during one stay in Poland – thus you can save time and money, and achieve a new life without glasses. Refractive Lens Replacement Abroad is a great choice we highly recommend.

Benefits of undergoing cataract surgery in Poland:

  • Restoration of a perfect vision in a safe and convenient environment. We will guide you throughout the whole process of medical travel
  • The superior quality of medical treatment
  • An affordable cost
  • No waiting time
  • Aftercare. You will receive a contact number to your surgeon in case you have any post-operational questions
  • Our clinic is located in the beautiful city Bielsko-Biała at the foot of the Beskidy mountains
  • Convenient flights connections to Katowice International Airport


Cataract surgery in Poland – Cost, Lenses, Quick facts

Expected outcomes Clear vision,  become glasses independent (if choose multifocal lenses)
Anaesthesia local/procedure is about 15 minutes per eye. There is an anesthesiologist present during the surgery
Stay in Poland – Basic Package 5 days – Two eyes could be operated during one stay. The exact length of stay would be given to you by the Doctor after the prior qualification.
Stay in Poland – Comfort Package please contact us
Lenses Our surgeon uses the highest quality, internationally recognized lenses. There are different lens types, for example Alcon PanOptix Trifocal / Rayner C flex 570 C / Alcon IQ SN60 WF /  Topcon Oculentis Mplus add +3,0 LS-313 MF30 / Alcon Toric SN 6 AT Astigmatism > 1,5D / Alcon Acrysof Restor SN 6 A / Alcon Acrydof Restor Toric and many more
Follow-up recommended: next day, 2 weeks
Back to work time (office) 1 week
Expected recovery time  6 weeks
Driving 2 weeks
Approximate Package cost Starting from 1000 GBP per eye / 1350 GBP multifocal lenses

Modern, certified and highly-specialized clinic:

lens replacement abroad in poland okulus
bielsko biala okulus plus lens replacement abroad in poland

Your surgeon – Who will perform the natural lens replacement abroad:

The lens replacement surgeries are performed by one of the most recognized and valued eyes – surgeons in Poland.

Dr Iwona Filipecka – Manages the medical team of the  Ophthalmology and Optometry Cente. Specializes in surgery for cataracts, glaucoma, refractive lens exchange (multifocal lens implants), as well as diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases. A member of the Polish Society of Ophthalmology (PTO), American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) and the European Society of Cataract Surgeons and Refractive Surgery (ESCRS). The originator and one of the founders of the „Ophthalmologists for Africa” Foundation.

Dr Adamczyk – Ludyga is a lecturer and speaker on national ophthalmology courses, she conducts practical classes from premium toric lenses implantation for other surgeons. 

Refractive Lens Exchange in Poland

Dr Lukasz Drzyzga – senior consultant specialist in eye diseases, at the followings wards of the University Ophthalmology Clinic in Katowice: Corneal Transplant Division, Cataract surgery, Ophthalmic surgery, Eye and Corneal Surgery Laboratory, and Refraction Surgery Laboratory. Over 10 000 transplanted lenses. International experience.

Your first contact – our International Coordinators

Maja Swinder

Maja Swinder

International Patient Coordinator

Bartosz Haladus

Bartosz Haladus

International Patient Coordinator

1. General Treatment Information on cataract surgery abroad & RLE refractive lens replacement abroad
a) Expected results of the cataract surgery abroad / RLE refractive lens replacement abroad; benefits of the lens replacement surgery in Poland:

What are the advantages of undergoing a cataract surgery / RLE surgery in Poland?

The greatest advantage after the cataract removal surgery / refractive lens replacement is that your overall vision should be significantly improved. You will see clearer; colours will appear sharper, and your ability to see at night will increase. In more than 90 percent of cases, the patient’s vision is greatly enhanced. You will be able to skip glasses thanks to the great trifocal lens – PanOptix by Alcon.

b) About the cataract removal surgery procedure / About RLE refractive Lens Exchange Surgery Abroad

Cataract is a state when the lens inside your eye becomes less transparent. The lens is the crystalline structure that sits just behind your pupil, which is the black circle in the centre of your eye. During the lens replacement surgery in Poland, the lens inside your eye that has become cloudy/ unclear is removed and replaced with an artificial one to acquire back a clear vision. Most modern cataract procedures involve the use of a high-frequency ultrasound device that breaks up the unclear lens into small pieces, which are then removed from the eye with suction. The most common and safe method is called „Phacoemulsification”.
The replacement lens is called an intraocular implant, or intraocular lens (IOL).
There are three types of lenses available:

  • Fixed strength (monofocal) lenses –which are set for one level of vision, usually distance vision
  • Multifocal lenses – which can be set at two or more different strengths, such as near and distance vision
  • Accommodating lenses – which allow the eye to focus on both near and distant objects in a similar way to a natural lens. Using this kind of lenses can potentially reduce the chances of needing reading glasses after surgery.

There are also advanced technology lenses which allow correcting astigmatism, which has the UV filter and blue light filter. If planning to undergo a cataract surgery abroad we offer a wide range of multifocal and monofocal lenses (also with the correction of astigmatism).

If you suffer from presbyopia, and willing to improve a quality of living by becoming glasses-free the RLE (refractive lens replacement) procedure is the choice for you. A natural lens is painlessly removed and replaced by a new artificial Alcon PanOptix IOL trifocal lens implant to restore your vision. The surgery is performed in local anaesthesia and takes only about 15 minutes per eye.

c) Lens replacement surgery in Poland – Treatment Schedule

RLE and cataracts surgery usually takes about 30 minutes. It is carried out under local anaesthesia, meaning you will be awake during the procedure. The procedure is painless. Sometimes the doctor will give you some calming pills. If you have cataracts in both eyes, the surgeries could be performed in both eyes during one stay in Poland, to save your time and money.
The surgery starts with applying a local anaesthesia in the form of eye drops. Your eye will be disinfected. Then the surgeon will proceed the main part of the surgery, after placing a new lens in your eye you will have your eye dressed in a bandage for a couple of hours.

d) Cataract surgery abroad / RLE – potential side effects 

What are the risks of undergoing a cataract surgery? What is the risk of RLE refractive lens replacement surgery?

As lens replacement surgery is an often performed and well-known procedure, our doctor – Dr Adamczyk – Ludyga is a great specialist (also a lecturer and speaker on lens replacement courses for other eye-surgeons) the complications are very rare – occures in less than 0,1% of cases.

After surgery, you will probably experience a mild pain around your eye, blurred vision, itchy eye or discomfort when looking at bright lights. You may wear sunglasses to reduce sensitiveness. Depending on the kind of lens implant you may need to wear glasses for short and long distance vision after the surgery because some artificial lens implants cannot focus on a range of different distances. We encourage to choose the new lens deliberately, as is a lifelong choice. The best technologically advanced lenses have special filters, correct presbyopia, and you don’t need to use glasses anymore. The main problem that can occur is a condition called PCO – posterior capsule opacification – a cloudy vision that reappears. It is not a cataract returning, but a skin membrane was growing over the back of the artificial lens. Less than 1 out of 10 patients after cataract surgery will eventually develop PCO within 2 years. If it happens, you will need to undergo laser surgery to correct it. Some lenses are made of special material which is less likely to occur PCO.

e) Cataract eye lens replacement surgery abroad / Refractive Lens Exchange – Full Recovery Time

After the surgery, you will need to avoid strenuous activities (lifting heavy objects), touching your eye, wearing make up for one week, swimming for two weeks, touching or rubbing your eye. It’s usually necessary to wait several weeks for your vision to settle down before an optometrist can give you a new glasses prescription.

2. Patient’s preparation for the cataract surgery in Poland
How do I prepare myself for the lens replacement procedure abroad?

6 hours before the cataract surgery in Poland you should not use any cosmetics or makeup containing alcohol (you should not use any at all). In the day of the procedure, you should not drink coffee or alcohol. Use eye drops after removing eye shield and continue for four weeks. You will be taken care by our medical staff in private clinic in Poland.

3. Diagnostics in cataract treatment and surgery abroad
What medial and diagnostics test I shall prepare for the cataract surgery abroad procedure?

Before cataract surgery in Poland doctor performs a comprehensive eye exam to check the overall health of your eyes, evaluate whether there are reasons why you should not have surgery and identify any risk factors you might have. A refraction also will be performed to determine the amount of nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism you have before lens replacement surgery.
The doctor will take measurements of your eyes to assess the strength of the artificial lens that will replace your natural lens. Additional measurements of your eyes will be taken to determine the curvature of your cornea and the length of your eye.

4. Qualification for the lens replacement procedure in Poland
What is the necessary qualification for the cataract surgery abroad?

In some cases, the cataract looks very dense, however, the patient may still have good vision. In other situations, the cataract doesn’t look so bad to the ophthalmologist, but the patient’s vision is affected so much that they have problems with their daily activities. After a comprehensive eye exam, the doctor will evaluate if the procedure can be done. You shall not wait until the cataract will develop. The surgery should be carried out is an as early stage as possible, as the risk of complications grows together with the cataract progress.

5. Lens Types - cataract surgery in Poland - multifocal and monofocal lenses

Monofocal & Multifocal lenses in cataract surgery (lens replacement) in Polish private clinic:

Rayner C flex 570 C – basic spherical lens

AcrySof IQ (Alcon IQ SN60 WF), aspheric IOL, monofocal lens, UV filter, blue light filter, stable after implantation, provides good vision from a distance and owing to the aspheric optics it offers better view quality.

Topcon Oculentis Mplus add +3,0 LS-313 MF30 – multifocal lens

AcrySof IQ Toric (/ Alcon Toric SN 6 AT astigmatism > 1,5D ) – astigmatism-correcting IOL, monofocal lens, UV filter, Blue light filter, stable after implantation, provides good vision from a distance and owing to the aspheric optics it offers better view quality. Recommended in Patients for vision correction, where both cataract and astigmatism occur.

AcrySof IQ Restor (Alcon Acrysof Restor SN 6 A) – Presbyopia-correcting IOL, multifocal lens, UV filter, Blue light filter, stable after implantation. Owing to the many focal points, it allows correcting the sight in both nearsightedness (myopia) and farsightedness. With this lenses, Patient can fully resign from glasses.

AcrySof IQ PanOptix – presbyopia-correcting IOL, trifocal lens, UV filter, Blue light filter, stable after implantation. Owing to the many focal points, it allows correcting the sight in both nearsightedness (myopia) and farsightedness. With this lenses, Patient can fully resign from glasses, perfect for Patients using computers or laptops daily. Has great Patients opinions, one of the best available lenses.

AcrySof IQ ReSTOR Toric – presbyopia-correcting IOL, trifocal lens, UV filter, Blue light filter, stable after implantation. Owing to the many focal points, it allows correcting the sight in both nearsightedness (myopia) and farsightedness. With this lenses, Patient can fully resign from glasses. Recommended in Patients where both cataract and astigmatism occur.

Patients Reviews

Fantastic!, if I could think of a better word for the treatment/service I got from this hospital and the doctors I would use it. I had a very professional young lady meet me at the airport and not only escort me and my partner to the accommodation to make sure everything was ok but also she was with me every step of the way through the surgery and if I had any questions she would ask the doctors or staff and translate for me. I had lens replacement surgery and to be honest, I couldn’t believe how easy it was, no pain even after the surgery and my eyes are improving every day. Top marks to everyone at EuroTreatMed and thank you.

Max Andre

Lens Replacement

(…) My son found them online and from the moment he spoke to Katarzyna (Kate) we found them extremely courteous, professional, efficient and very helpful, from beginning to end. Aged 68 I have been wearing glasses for over 40 years. I developed cataracts in both eyes with my right eye very bad and with no vision from it at all. The NHS here said I would wait 4 years for treatment and the likelihood was I would end up blind before I would receive the treatment.
I live just outside Belfast and travelled Dublin to Katowice just a very short time ago. I had the procedure done with no problems at all and was back home in the “blink of an eye” 🙂 glasses-free!
Kate booked my accommodation ordered taxis and helped make my experience a delightful one so a very big thank you to her and everyone at the clinic. If you are considering treatment abroad I highly recommend Okulus Plus.
I previously had a consultation with Optical Express in Belfast who quoted me £10.700 for the same treatment which I received from Okulus Plus at a fraction of that price!

William Creighton

Lens Replacement

Absolutely fantastic experience. After 2 years of incredible pain and countless private appointments here, not one surgeon could/would help me, I got in touch with EuroTreatMed and Maja responded swiftly. I explained my situation, and sent over all the information I had. I was quickly told I was a perfect candidate for surgery. After 2 years of being told no this was a massive relief. The entire process seemed daunting because of the travel, all I had to do was book the flights and EVERYTHING else was arranged for me. I can not thank Maja and the staff at EuroTreatMed enough for everything they have done. The facility was immaculate, the staff all spoke English and the food was excellent. I was kept well informed of everything as it happened. I had Zero stress, such a positive experience. The knowledge of the staff and their professionalism was clear for all to see. Now I'm home and recovering well, telling my friends and family about my experience I've realised just how good the experience with EuroTreatMed has been. I would highly recommend this to Absolutely everyone who is in need of high quality work from specialists.

David Dickson Avatar David Dickson
25 września 2023

From start to finish I had a great experience having MRIs and other scans done at EuroTreatMed. In particular, Maja Swinder was very helpful and responsive with all of my question and getting everything scheduled. And then on the day of my procedures everything ran so smooth. The lab facility is very modern and high tech. I would highly recommend EuroTreatMed!

25 września 2023

Came from the UK to get Shoulder Surgery, great service all round and everyone very helpful. From messaging enquiring had surgery and back home within a few weeks.

Sean Robinson Avatar Sean Robinson
25 lipca 2023

Quick Free Consultation - Send Enquiry for Lens Replacement Abroad

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Lens Replacement abroad – Video interviews transcript about the surgery in Poland: 

Hello, my name is Susan, and I was interested in lens replacement surgery, since I was struggling with my eyesight, especially focusing on faces, I was having difficulty. 
I did research in the UK, at another company called… I am not sure if I could actually tell you, but Optical Express, but the price I found was very expensive, it was costing me £7000 in Sterling…
And I have decided to do research about lens replacement abroad, I went on internet and I have researched companies and clinics, lens replacement in Poland, lens replacement in Czechia, and I have found this clinic in Poland, and I have found that they were very, very helpful! With e-mails, giving me all the information that I required, they have responded immediately.
Any concerns I had, they have answered all my questions. I was concerned about coming here, where would I stay – they helped me with accommodation, with hotels, gave me the lists and prices of what I was prepared to spend.

They have also arranged the transits from the airport and transits from the hotel back to the airport after the procedure is done also, all the taxis were arranged – to pick me up from the hotel to take me to the clinic and back afterwards.

During the procedure, on the first day, I have arrived at the clinic, I had a flora examination before the refractive lens replacement surgery, any concerns I had they talked through with me. They had put my mind at ease, they explained the procedure step by step of what was going to take place.

When they were happy with the lens that they were going to replace in my eye they said shall we go ahead. The following day I came back and I had the surgery.

Walking through this I was apprehensive when I walked in to have the surgery, I was put at ease straight away, with all the staff, they were exceptionally friendly, helpful, and during the procedure, there was no pain.

No pain whatsoever.

I was just listening to the instructions, so I was told what was happening during the operation, my blood pressure was taken so at no time, I was concerned. Afterwards, my vision was slightly blurred but I could see better straight away. The following day was amazing, I could see everything!

The colours were so vibrant I could read, I could pick my book, see the text on my phone and going outside, it’s just… it has changed my life! Because I didn’t realise how much I wasn’t seeing beforehand…

The follow up was excellent, I was given medications, drops on my eyes. I was taken by taxi to the pharmacy to pick up my drops and go back to the hotel. Every step of the way was helpful

I am very happy, I would recommend this clinic to all of my friends, which I am going to do! my family, my friends they all are asking me about the procedure, though I can say thank you very much and I am very happy!