Orthopaedic Surgery Abroad

Take advantage of the highest European standards & quality and affordable Polish prices.

Which orthopaedic treatment are you looking for?

Hip Replacement Surgery Abroad

Total Hip Arthroplasty with the highest quality implants- 14 days all-inclusive packages with on-site physiotherapy. Private rooms, tea-service, airport transfers and dedicated patient assistant. NHS HSE reimbursement is possible.

Knee Replacement Surgery Abroad 

Total knee replacement – comfortable 14-day package with physical therapy and private room with WiFi&TV in the hospital included. Bring your companion for free!

Knee Arthroscopy Abroad (key-hole surgery)

Knee arthroscopy abroad – 3-4 days stay in Poland – private room, physiotherapy, comfortable package – airport transfer&crutches to take home included.

ACL Reconstruction Abroad (possible with meniscus repair)

Arthroscopic ACL reconstruction abroad – 3-4 days stay in Poland – private room, physiotherapy, comfortable package – airport transfer, crutches and knee-brace to take home included.

What should I do to undergo a knee or hip surgery abroad?

If you have a set of necessary medical documentation, it is possible to qualify you for the procedure during online consultations with the Doctor which means only one visit in Poland. Otherwise, you will need to come to the clinic one or two days earlier, to undergo an MRI and X-Ray, as well as blood tests and a pre-surgery consultation. You may also visit the Clinic twice – first time only for the diagnostic purposes (you will have a chance to look around the hospital, get to know the staff), and a month later, for the procedure itself.

How does the qualification process look like?


Contact us to specify in which area you are looking for help, and what are your expectations and needs related to the planned visit/treatment.


Our consultants will help to assess which treatment will be suitable for you. We will prepare a personalized plan that suits your needs and expectations.


Choose the most suitable date, and we will take care of the rest – qualification, treatment, stay in the clinic, translation as well as all transfers in Poland.


We will provide you with the highest quality services and dedicated assistant available for you 24/7 in case you need any advice or help.
Due to an injury, overextension or degenerative changes, your musculoskeletal system could get disabled. To help you in coming back to an active and painless life, we offer surgical interventions such as arthroscopies, joint replacements and ligament reconstructions. Our surgeons have performed thousands of these particular procedures, which makes them exceptionally well specialised in their fields – we cooperate with top-class doctors dedicated to hip and knee replacements, knee arthroscopies and ACL reconstructions, a medical team focused on the shoulder and hand surgery. Now you have the opportunity to undergo orthopaedic surgery, with the best doctors assistance up to 70% cheaper than in the UK, Ireland, US or Norway. You can also claim for cost reimbursement from the NHS or HSE – we help you with all the paperwork for free. No extra fee for filling the NHS reimbursement form.

What do our Patients say?

I have just returned from Poland after having my full replacement hip operation. I have nothing but praise for the attention and helpfulness of all the nursing staff at the clinic who went out of their way to make me as comfortable as possible. I stayed in a private room with en-suite and all meals were provided. The operation was followed up with daily sessions of physiotherapy and I was soon mobile with the aid of a walker. (…)
My operation was very successful with the incision being very clean and neat. I had a post-operation X-ray and the surgeon himself removed the stitches on the morning of my departure. I was then driven back to the airport and arrangements had been made for assistance at both airports.
I would thoroughly recommend the services of EuroTreatMed and in particular, Maja who went out of her way to ensure that both my travel and stay in the clinic went as smoothly as possible.”

Hip Replacement

I was originally quite apprehensive about traveling abroad for knee surgery, but after waiting a long time in the Uk, I decided to pursue getting treatment abroad.
Maja had organized everything involved with the logistics from start to finish and made the whole trip and experience very successful, including a private taxi service to pick and drop you to and from the airport to hospital, which was included in the price so you had nothing to worry about.
I was admitted to my own private room with an en suite which also had an extra bed to allow a family member to stay with me. I had knee surgery on Thursday which was performed by the excellent Dr Pawlak and his team.

For the operation I had a local anaesthetic, which allowed me to watch the procedure on a screen, and involved the removal of lots of loose bodies (pieces of broken cartilage) which were floating around my knee and getting stuck, cartilage shaving and meniscus repair.

The aftercare that I received was excellent from the brilliant nurses, who were always available and they provided 3 excellent meals everyday, to the amazing physiotherapist who got me on my feet and walking on crutches the next day. The physio came everyday and gave me confidence and new excersises to keep performing to help strengthen up my knee.

I was discharged on the Sunday to return home to Uk and was given all receipts and medical reports in English. It’s been 2 weeks since the operation now and recovery is going great and I’m already walking without crutches now.

I would highly recommend Eurotreatmed, and I would like to say a big thanks to Maja and the whole team at sanvimed hospital for their kind hospitality for hosting me in Katowice Poland.


Knee Arthroscopy

Was put on the NHS waiting list in January after going through the motions of physio and Cortisol injections, at that point the wait was circa 9 months for a consultant and additional 4 months for surgery. By July the pain was so bad that i was basically housebound so drastic action was required. Researched the possibility of private treatment in the UK but costs were prohibitive so decided to cast the net to Poland where i came across Eurotreatmed.
Initiated a conversation by email with Maja who was amazing and gave all the information about the treatment and after care available.
Sent X-rays and medical information and discussed the type of prosthesis used by the consultant.

After digesting all information decided that Eurotreatmed was a clinic that put Patient care at it’s core and therefore the decision to apply for treatment was a no brainer. Within 2 weeks of discussion arrived at the hospital for my appointment.
Consultant Wojciech Pawlak performed surgery and the procedure went very smoothly with no pain.
I would get to know the consultant very well during my stay as he would visit every day to check on the new knee and answer any questions (where else would this happen in the UK?).

But now the hard work, had to begin i.e. the Physiotherapy. (…)
Thankfully the cost also consists of 2 weeks physio with on-site physiotherapists that enable a daily schedule and support you through the difficult days post op. The guys are brilliant and motivate you to stick to the programme and get back to health quickly.
Last but certainly not least a fantastic team of nurses who are absolute gems looking after you at all hours.
Pain relief , daily bandage changes and the food they deliver certainly keeps you healthy and strong very your daily physios.
The whole team work as one unit and all give you 24 Hour care through the whole process which can be frightening for a lot of people.

Thank you Eurotreatmed without you i would still be waiting another year for the surgery at home


Knee Replacement

What shall I prepare for the online qualification?

For the free online-qualification please prepare the documents listed below. Iff you don’t have a full set of the documents – don’t worry. Sometimes a medical interview and a proper X-Ray could be enough to state if you are a good candidate for e.g. a knee replacement surgery. Most important is the X-Ray or MRI as well as the list of medications you are currently taking, your age, weight and height.
Knee arthroscopy📄:

  • Knee MRI with description,
  • Consultant’s letters,
  • Medical records
Knee Replacement📄:

  • Knee X-Rays
  • Consultant’s letters
  • Medical records
  • Knee MRI with description (not older than 6 months) – not obligatory
Hip replacement📄:

  • X-rays of hips and pelvis
  • Hip MRI with description (not obligatory)
  • Consultant’s letters
  • Medical records
Arthroscopic knee surgery (ACL reconstruction) 📄:

  • Knee MRI with description (not older than 6 months),
  • Consultant’s letters
  • Medical records
Shoulder surgery📄:

  • Shoulder MRI with description (not older than 6 months),
  • True AP shoulder X-Ray
  • Medical records
Arthroscopic hip surgery📄:

  • Hip MRI (not older than 6 months) – ArthroMRI with contrast,
  • X-RAY of the pelvis with both joints,
  • X-RAY axial position of the hip,
  • Valid hepatitis vaccination.

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