ACL surgery abroad

Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction / ACL reconstruction abroad

If you recently have experienced a knee injury, or need to undergo an ACL reconstruction surgery after some time since your knee injury, we would encourage you to consider an ACL reconstruction surgery in Poland. In our private, modern hospital, we perform ACL surgeries as well as provide physical therapy packages. Deciding on ACL surgery abroad you can benefit from no waiting lists or delays and affordable rates – not comprising on the treatment quality. We acknowledge the importance of a post-operation physiotherapy, therefore we reccomend our full-rehabilitation pacakge. Our main surgeon was an orthopaedical consultant for the national Polish handball team, hence he is experienced with the most demanding athletes requirements. The main goal of ACL reconstruction surgery in Poland is not only to make your knee not giving way but also restore its function and make you able to return to sport activities. Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding the ACL surgery abroad. We are here to assist you on your way to successful recovery.

ACL Surgery Abroad

Quick facts regarding ACL Reconstruction Surgery Abroad

Benefits returning to sports, active life, knee stabilization
Anesthesia spinal
Stay in Poland – Comfort Package  4 days
Package 3-4 days in the clinic, consultations, tests, surgery, anaesthesia, walking aids, knee brace, KTW airport transfers, post-op consultation
Follow up next day, 3 days, 10 days stitches removal, 6 weeks after surgery, then if needed
Back to work time (office) 4 weeks
Full recovery time 8-12 weeks with rehabilitation, back to sports after 5 months
Driving 8 weeks
Approximate Package cost from £2840

After suffering multiple major knee injuries within the space of a couple of years, my consultant in the UK, as well as myself, agreed surgery was the best option. Due to being young and active, this treatment was important so I could play football again.

Understandably, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the waiting lists on the NHS were long and uncertain. Because of this, I decided to look at receiving treatment abroad.

Upon an initial online search, EuroTreat Med stood out as a professional and dedicated organisation. After an enquiry email, I received a very informative response explaining the schedule of stay, treatment and aftercare I would receive.

Maja was always on hand to answer any query or question I could think of (and there were a lot). She helped me to book flights/ special assistance and surgeon statements, well beyond her call of duty. There was never an issue too big or a problem that couldn’t be solved.

I flew out at the end of Nov 2020 to receive the treatment. The staff at the Sanvimed Hospital were extremely welcoming and friendly. There was 24/7 assistance with a member of staff only being seconds away if help was required. The surgery itself was successful and in the following days the surgeon himself visited to check progress multiple times a day. As well as this, I received some great early physiotherapy sessions that are really helping with my recovery. All staff were faultless and it really felt they all had the patients best interests in heart.

Overall a very positive experience that I would recommend to anyone looking to have treatment abroad 🙂 Once again a big thank you to Maja and the staff for a great service.

Roan Ferguson

ACL reconstruction with meniscus repair

a) Expected results, benefits of undergoing ACL reconstruction abroad

What are the benefits of undergoing ACL reconstruction in Poland?

Arthroscopic ACL reconstruction is nowadays the most common technique of returning to a knee stability. This method has a variety of advantages compared to open surgery. The precision is very high, it does not require the immobilisation of the knee with plaster, rehabilitation may start just one day after the procedure, scares are subtle, and the hospitalisation is short. In most cases coming back to full fitness activity is possible, this method is widespread to professional sports players (footballers, skiers) and with a good, long and strenuous rehabilitation the effects are great.

b) About the ACL reconstruction surgery abroad procedure

ACL is one of the most commonly injured knee ligaments, so the procedure is also well known and often performed by knee surgeons, although it is not that simple. ACL reconstruction is a procedure to reconstruct the anterior ligament in the centre of your knee. Broken/injured ligament is replaced by the new one – made from either synthetic material, quadriceps tendon, proper patellar ligament or, the most common – gracilis tendon and semitendinosus. This ligament is essential to keep your knee stable. Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) keeps your shin bone in place.

c) Treatment Schedule during ACL surgery abroad:

In ACL reconstruction surgery you will likely receive a general or regional (spine) anaesthesia. The whole procedure will be completely pain – free, but there are two differences: in local anaesthesia, you will get an injection in the space between two vertebrae, and you will be unable to feel anything from the waist down. You will be conscious through the whole procedure though and will be able to watch the surgery on the screen. After this kind of anaesthesia, you will need to stay in horizontal position for a couple of hours.

During reconstruction, you will get a new ligament transplanted into your knee in the place of the old one. This tissue taken from your body (quadriceps tendon, proper patellar ligament or, the most common – gracilis tendon and semitendinosus) is called an autograft, and the tissue from a donor is called an allograft. In most cases the procedure is performed with the arthroscopic method, meaning your knee will be not completely open, but small cuts will be made, and the micro camera and other surgical tools will be inserted into your knee through this cuts. During the surgery, your doctor will fix any other damage to your knee and then replace your old torn ACL with the new one. If an autograft is used than the surgeon will have to make a larger cut, to remove a tendon from the other part of your body. He will have to prepare the ligament shape and strengthen it with stitches, then after making tunnels in your bone the new ligament is brought inside. The autograft will be placed with screws (usually titanium hook called endobutton and bio-soluble screw). At the end of the surgery, every cut will be closed with stitches. You may need a drainage (small pipes) to remove excess fluid from the knee (usually for a couple of hours after surgery).

d) Potential side effects

What are the side effects of undergoing ACL reconstruction abroad?

Although the procedure is considered safe and complications occur infrequently; there is always a small risk that any of the following may appear:

  • Infection (if you feel fever, chills, increased pain, significant swelling it may be a signal of an infection) – our hospital administrates antibiotics to prevent the infection
  • Blood clots, haematoma
  • Accumulation of blood in the knee
  • Injury of a nerve
  • Stiffness

Also, a general anaesthesia may cause risks like allergic reactions or breathing problems.

e) Full Recovery Time

How long does it take to recovery from ACL reconstruction in Poland?

Despite the complexity of the knee ACL reconstruction surgery, most patients (about 80 – 90 % ) get their desirable results. The level of the knee recovery after reconstruction would depend on the state of the knee – if it was the first, or next surgery, the general health condition of the patient, age and commitment to physical rehabilitation. You can divide the phases of recovery into four parts. In the first – early post-surgery (1 month), the phase of getting back to core functions (till 3rd month), the phase where you come back to full joint functionality and recreational activity (3-6 month) and finally the last one – phase of preparation to full sports activity (6-9 month). You need to be conscious that coming back to full sports activity requires a lot of motivation and patience in physical rehabilitation and training.

2. Patient’s preparation to the ACL surgery abroad

How shall I prepare for ACL reconstruction surgery abroad?

The surgeon will explain to you how to behave before, during and after knee surgery. Before undergoing the ACL reconstruction surgery, you will have to take part in a few weeks long physical therapy to get the full range of motion. It is a key indicator for your doctor to prepare a proper length ligament, so you could bend and straighten your leg fully after the surgery. Probably doctor will ask you to stop smoking – it increases a risk of getting a wound infection, and also may slow down your recovery or even lead to complications. You may be asked to wear compression stocking – they prevent blood clots in your legs. You may receive an anticlotting injection instead. You may be asked to shave your leg before the surgery. If you have a general anaesthesia, you will be asked not to eat or drink anything for about six hours, before your surgery. Vital is to follow the rules to stop taking medicines that rarefy your blood (like aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen) during two weeks before surgery, not to drink alcohol. If you have any illness like cold or fever, it may also influence your possibility to get the surgery. To plan your procedure properly, your orthopaedic surgeon may arrange some tests like blood counts, electrocardiogram EKG or MRI.

3. Diagnostics before the ACL surgery in Poland
Before making a decision about the ACL reconstruction abroad your doctor will probably make a former careful examination- usually, he will make you some extra tests like blood tests, X-Ray, Ultrasound or MRI scan, to check the evidence of the injury to other knee parts like ligaments articular and meniscus cartilage. Usually, other tests are performed to identify meniscus tears – for instance, the Lachman’s test (Doctor will feel the movement of the tibia to the femur during the movement) or a shift pivot test.
4. Qualification for the ACL reconstruction procedure
As the ACL reconstruction is a complex surgery with long and strenuous rehabilitation. It is recommended if you are an athlete or a professional sports player wanting to continue training, you are a young and active person, the injury causes your knee to buckle during daily activities, or more than one ligament or cartilage is torn or broken.

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Who will be performing the ACL reconstruction surgery in Poland?

jacek_zatorski acl reconstruction in poland

MD Jacek Zatorski & MD PhD Wojciech Pawlak 

A team of experienced specialists in trauma and orthopaedic surgery.
Patient after ACL Surgery Abroad

Where will I undergo my ACL reconstruction surgery abroad?

Sanvimed Private Hospital

sanvimed acl reconctruction abroad in poland

The care of Patients health, dignity, comfort as well as the holistic approach – these are the four main rules that guide us in the hospital. Patient in the Sanvimed hospital receives the highest quality medical care, personalized and comprehensive approach.
Our surgeons were trained in international institutions and medical centres, they take part in congresses and training to continuously improve their qualifications.

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Get back to full sports activity after your ACL reconstruction surgery abroad:
Get back to full sports activity after ACL reconstruction surgery abroad

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