Shoulder arthroscopy abroad; Private Shoulder Surgery in Poland; Rotator cuff repair abroad.

If you just had a fresh shoulder injury or would like to undergo shoulder surgery privately after some time from your accident, you are in the perfect place. In our private, modern hospital, we perform advanced and low-invasive shoulder surgeries up to 70% cheaper than in the UK or USA. Our surgeon is the orthopaedical doctor of the national Polish handball team, so very often he deals with the most demanding athletes’ cases. If you have any questions regarding shoulder surgery abroad, send us a quick free enquiry or scroll down to read more information about our package for international patients.

private affordable shoulder surgery abroad no waiting time eurotreatmed

Quick facts

Benefits full recovery, returning to sports and activity, detailed diagnosis
Anesthesia general or regional
Stay in Poland 4-5 days
Package KTW transfers, full board, surgery, stay included
Where to fly? Katowice or Krakow Airport
Follow up next day, 3 days, 10 days stitches removal, 6 weeks after surgery, then if needed
Back to work time (office) 6 weeks
Full recovery time 8-12 weeks with rehabilitation
Driving 6-8 weeks, depending side
Approximate Package cost strongly depends on the individual case – please, contact us to receive a free quote

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Expected results, benefits after the shoulder surgery abroad

Shoulder arthroscopy abroad is safer and less complicated procedure than open surgery. Owing to the surgery and a proper physiotherapy, you can come back to your activities, such as sports – without pain. Our surgeons perform also rotaror cuff repair abroad.

About the shoulder surgery abroad procedure

Shoulder arthroscopy in Poland is a procedure, where the doctor uses a tiny camera to view inside your joint, diagnose or treat it. Live preview is available on the screen. It is performed through small incisions on your skin, what results in the good visual effect. Also, the recovery is much quicker and easier comparing to the open surgery. You may need an arthroscopic surgery treatment after an injury (damage to ligaments, tendons, rotator cuff injury) or arthritis. The procedure can be provided adhibiting general or partial anaesthetization, both ways you will not feel any pain.

How long it takes to perform arthroscopic surgery abroad:

Usually, this procedure takes less than an hour, but it depends on the complexity of your injury’s range. When the anaesthesia starts working, the surgeon will make small cuts in your skin and insert the arthroscope. After the procedure, the incisions are stitched.

Potential side effects of undergoind a shoulder arthroscopy abroad:

What are the side effects of shoulder arthroscopy?

Commonly there are no side effects after a shoulder arthroscopy, but in rare cases, Patient may experience shoulder stiffness, weakness of the shoulder, a blood vessel or nerve damage, slow healing. Also, general anaesthesia may cause some risks as allergic reactions, breathing problems, blood clots.

Full Recovery Time after the shoulder surgery abroad:

How long does it take to recover from shoulder arthroscopy in Poland?

Recovery can take from 1 to 6 months, depending on how complex the procedure was. You will need to wear a sling for at least one week. Probably you will need physical therapy to regain your motion and strength and to return to sports.

2. Patient’s preparation to the shoulder arthroscopy abroad

How shall I prepare myself to shoulder arthroscopy?

The surgeon will explain to you how to behave before, during and after shoulder arthroscopy, probably he will ask you to stop smoking – it increases a risk of getting a wound infection, and also may slow down your recovery or even cause other complications. You may be asked to wear compression stocking – they prevent blood clots in your legs. You may receive an anticlotting injection instead. If you receive a general anaesthesia, you will be asked not to eat or drink anything for about six hours, before your surgery. You may also be asked to stop taking medicines that rarefy your blood (like aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen) for two weeks before surgery, and to stop drinking alcohol. If you have any illness like cold or fever, it may also have an influence the possibility of undergoing surgery.

3. Diagnostics before the shoulder arthroscopy abroad
Before making a decision towards the shoulder arthroscopy, your doctor will probably examine if you had any recent injuries, where you feel pain and if you have any other symptoms if your joint is dislocated or sometimes will make you some extra tests like X-Ray or MRI scan.
4. Qualification for the shoulder surgery abroad procedure

The doctor may suggest a shoulder arthroscopy when another treatment manners such as resting, physiotherapy, injections and medicines do not result in the relief. Inflammation in the shoulder joint can breed to swelling, pain and stiffness. Arthroscopy brings a solution to the following problems:

  • Torn or damaged cartilage ring (labrum) or ligaments,
  • Shoulder instability,
  • Torn or damaged biceps tendon,
  • Torn rotator cuff
  • Bone spur or inflammation around the rotator cuff,
  • The joint inflammation caused by illness, such as rheumatoid arthritis,
  • The clavicle arthritis,
  • Loose of tissue inside the joint,
  • Shoulder impingement syndrome.
private affordable shoulder surgery abroad no waiting time eurotreatmed

Useful information on the shoulder surgery abroad (in Poland):

  • you will stay in an en-suite room with a full board (a la carte menu)
  • you will have free fast Wi-Fi in your room
  • physiotherapy department is located in the same building, so there is no need to move between departaments
  • your hospital is located just 30-40 minutes away from Katowice Airport
  • you will receive all discharge documents in English

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Where will I undergo my arthroscopic shoulder surgery abroad?

GeoMedical Private Hospital

Private Clinic for ACL Surgery Abroad

Private Clinic for ACL Surgery Abroad

The operating theatres are one of the newest in the region. The walls dividing the space in the operating theatre are manufactured out of modular technology and with highly antiseptic materials, allowing to minimize the risk of infections.
The care of Patients health, dignity, comfort as well as the holistic approach – these are the four main rules that guide us in the hospital. Patient in the GeoMedical hospital receives the highest quality medical care, personalized and comprehensive approach.
Our surgeons were trained in international institutions and medical centres, they take part in congresses and training to continuously improve their qualifications.

Private Clinic for ACL Surgery Abroad

Private Clinic for ACL Surgery Abroad

Who will be performing the private shoulder surgery in Poland?

Experienced surgeon performing ACL surgery in Poland

MD PhD Mateusz Hanslik

Mateusz Hanslik has completed two six-year full-time programs: medicine and … philosophy.
In the past, he was a physician of the national team of handball players, with whom he achieved a historic success for Poland in this sport – 4th place during the World Championships. He was also a doctor of the Polish Men’s National Team in ice hockey, and now he looks after the staff as a consultant.
Mateusz Hanslik got his broad knowgledge and experience, among others thanks to numerous internships: Observership – foot surgery – Kantonkrankenhaus Winterthur, Switzerland; Efort Trafelling Fellowship – Bergen Haukeland Hospital, Norway; Clinical Fellowship -Orthopedic Department, Clinic Leopold, Bruxelles, Belgium; Effort trafelling fellowship – Marseilles, Nice; France. Synthes Observership Program – Department of Trauma and Sports Medicine, Innsbruck, Austria; Clinical Fellowship – Clinic for Kinder and Jugendchirurgie, Graz, Austria, Clinical Fellowship – Department of Hand Surgery, Szczecin, Poland; HOPE Exchange Program, Barcelona, Spain; Asklepios Harzklinik Herbert-Nieper Krankenhaus Goslar, Germany.

From my initial email exchange asking about rotator cuff surgery to getting there and having the operation, the service was excellent.

Couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

Claire Simmons

arthroscopic shoulder surgery in Poland

EuroTreatMed provides an exceptional service that is easily 5 Star, and immediately comparable to the absolute best medical care in any country across the world.

I travelled from Belfast with my father who needed shoulder surgery. Maja was extremely helpful with everything… from providing the background of the surgical team through to booking the covid tests and travel information.

My background is in the medical sector (both UK & US) so I am very familiar with the procedures and risks involved, and the various levels of service provided. Although I think it’s natural for some people to feel a little anxious about travelling for surgery, I would certainly suggest they reach out to Maja and consider the time & cost savings when comparing outcomes to srugery in the UK and the US.

Overall, the experience was fantastic. I would be very doubtful that a better service could have been provided in the UK or US, yet this was carried out both much quicker and at a fraction of the cost by EuroTreatMed.

Specifically, my fathers operation was carried out at Sanvimed by Dr Pawlak and his very professional team.

Dr Pawlak (& team) took time to chat with my father and made him feel very comfortable about the procedure. He also took time to go through the outcomes after the surgery to set realistic recovery goals and to help my father understand what (& why) various procedures were used.

Also, it would be a mistake to not specifically mention the constant care provided by the nursing team. It was really above and beyond… the actual nursing service, general advice, breakfast/lunch/dinner… all fantastic.

P.S. I didn’t take many photos, but there is a nice walk around some little lakes nearby, so while my dad recovered I was able to spend some time there.

In summary…

– EuroTreatMed (5 Stars)
– Maja (5 Stars)
– Sanvimed Hospital (5 Stars)
– Dr Pawlak & Team (5 Stars)
– Nursing team (5 Stars)

Jason and Robert

shoulder surgery

Where will my shoulder surgery take place in Poland? Five-star rated private hospital with a team of excellent surgeons and a family-like atmosphere:

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private affordable shoulder surgery abroad no waiting time eurotreatmed