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Total Hip Replacement, also called by orthopaedical surgeons a total hip arthroplasty or a hip resurfacing, is a common procedure designed to reduce hip pain caused in most cases by arthritis and ageing. The total hip replacement surgery is usually performed in Patients over 60 years old.
It is one of the most successful operations with joint replacement know nowadays. The prices for hip endoprosthesis abroad differ across Europe. Looking for the total hip replacement abroad where the best quality and affordable prices are guaranteed? Consider undergoing a 70% cheaper private total hip replacement in Poland. Hip arthroplasty in Poland means the highest medical standards, certified clinic and total care package for 70% less than in the UK.

Total hip replacement abroad – cost, benefits, risk and quick facts. Hip endoprosthesis in Poland:

Benefits significant pain reduction, improved mobility and return to low-impact sports
Anesthesia general
Stay in Poland – All-inclusive Package 14 days in the private clinic
Physical Therapy in the Package 1-2 times a day, included in price
Additional equipment crutches, medicines, catering, 24h care in price
Follow up next day, 3 days, 10 days stitches removal, 6 weeks after surgery, then if needed
Back to work time (office) 8 weeks
Full recovery time 8-12 weeks with rehabilitation
Driving 6 weeks
Approximate Package cost 5,500 – 6,000 GBP (depending on the Doctor’s examination and medical diagnosis)
1. Total Hip Replacement in Poland - General Treatment Information


a) Expected results and benefits after hip prosthesis surgery in Poland

Total hip replacement surgery is

Advantages of total hip replacement in Poland:

a complex procedure, usually performed in Patients over 60 years old.
It is one of the most successful operations with joint replacement know nowadays. The outcome is very positive in most cases, over 80% of Patients who underwent total hip replacement report a loss of pain and improved mobility. Benefits of the hip prosthesis include primarily significant reduction of hip pain during daily activities as well as during sleeping. The mobility and movement increase, the leg is strengthened (after proper rehabilitation and physical therapy). Generally speaking, the quality of Patients life is improved. Usually, but not guaranteed, the leg length is equalised.

b) About the hip replacement surgery abroad:

Hip replacement is usually advised to Patients who have tried other alternative non-surgical methods such as weight loss, modification of activities, anti-inflammatory medications, walking sticks and physiotherapy. If it is no longer possible to preserve your natural hip from resurfacing and damage, the whole hip joint is replaced by metal components to restore pain and allow mobility. There are several types of prosthesis, chosen by a surgeon for each case. Before the surgery, you will be informed which prosthesis model will be used. In our private hospital in total hip replacement surgery in Poland, we use only the best know hip implants by Zimmer, Smith & Nephew, Stryker.

c) Treatment Schedule for the hip replacement surgery in hip replacement abroad, total hip replacement in Poland - private hospital, cheap hip replacement surgery,

In total hip replacement surgery, you will likely get the general anaesthesia. The whole procedure will be completely pain – free. After receiving an anesthetization, there are several steps in the hip endoprosthesis placement process. Firstly, the femur is separated from the hip socket. Then the surgeon removes the damaged head of the femur and torn cartilage. The metal parts of an artificial hip are put in place and pressed to fit. Finally, after an accurate and precise surgeons work, the new ball and socket are joint together. At the end of the surgery, every incision will be closed with stitches. Sometimes draining tubes will be inserted into the wound.

d) Potential side effects of hip implantation surgery:

Hip replacement is considered as a safe procedure, the rate of complications is low. Serious problems as infection happen in less than 2% cases, but the chronic illness (especially heart problems) may increase the potential risks such as stroke. There is always a risk, that any of the followings may appear:

  • change of the length of the injured leg,
  • infection (if you feel fever, chills, increased pain, significant swelling it may be a signal of an infection),
  • loosen of the prosthesis (after some time the implant may become slacken),
  • blood clots,
  • injury of a nerve,
  • hip stiffness,
  • implant problems, dislocation,
  • continuous pain,
  • breaking of the bone,
  • inadequate leg length.

Also, a general anaesthesia may cause risks like allergic reactions or breathing problems.

e) Full Recovery Time after total hip replacement abroad

How long does it take to recovery after total hip replacement in Poland?

In our private hospital, we offer special 14-days packages with physical therapy, best implant, surgery, care, exercising and room at the clinic. It is vital for your recovery to be careful and patient during this first two weeks, and we highly recommend to stay under the supervision of our surgeon and physical therapists. Usually, the recovery takes up to 6 months, but it depends on the general health condition of the Patient, age and willingness to undergo physical therapy. At the beginning of the recovery process some pain-control medications will be prescripted, sometimes there will also be a need of taking antibiotics to avoid infections. The procedure, if done within appropriate patients, can last at least 15 years.

2. Patient’s preparation

How shall I prepare myself for total hip replacement?

The surgeon will explain to you how to behave before, during and after hip surgery. Probably the doctor will ask you to stop smoking – it increases a risk of getting a wound infection, and also may slow down your recovery or even lead to complications. Your doctor will determine your age and medical condition, which tests are necessary to undergo surgery – evaluation for blood counts, test for kidneys and liver, EKG, chest X-ray, electrolytes, urinalysis. Sometimes you will be recommended a pre-procedure exercise program, to increase muscles strength and flexibility. In some cases, patients will have to donate their blood to be stored and used for the autotransfusion during surgery, as a hip replacement procedure can involve blood loss.

You may be asked to return to appropriate body weight. You may receive an anticlotting injection. If you have a general anaesthesia, you will be asked not to eat or drink anything for about six hours, before your surgery. It is vital to follow the rules to stop taking medicines that rarefy your blood. As the procedure is complex, you may need to prepare your apartment for some changes. For example, you may need to put some safety bars in your shower or bath, instal secure handrails by the stairways (stairs climbing must be kept to the minimum), you may need a stable and comfortable chair for your recovery and a footstool for a leg elevation. You may also need to remove all carpets and rugs. You should prepare a loose and comfortable trousers.

3. Diagnostics

As the surgery is irreversible, the decision about undergoing it must be well thought and supported by tests. Before making a decision about hip replacement, your doctor will probably make a former careful examination. He/She will check if you had any recent injuries, look into your medical history, where you feel pain and other symptoms, usually he/she will make you some extra tests like blood tests, X-Ray, Ultrasound or MRI scan done. Before the surgery, your doctor may offer you other methods of treatment like physiotherapy or medications.

4. Qualification for the hip replacement abroad procedure.

How shall I get qualified for the hip prosthesis surgery in Poland?

Your doctor may consider total hip replacement procedure if the progression of severe arthritis in the hip joint is fast and advanced. Usually, to the hip endoprosthesis are leading: osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, aseptic necrosis, avascular necrosis. Long lasting and intensive chronic pain, in connection with the limiting of daily functions, may also be a reason to consider hip replacement abroad. If together with your doctor you have decided, that the total hip replacement is the only possible way to help, you will be carefully examined in the field of your general health and other medical conditions. Some weight management plans may be ordered. You will also have to undergo a bone densitometry test to choose the most suitable method of prosthesis fixation.


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