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Quick facts

Benefits full recovery, detailed diagnosis
Anaesthesia general, epidural anaesthesia (regional)
Stay in Poland – Basic Package 7 days
Stay in Poland – Rehabilitation Package 14 days *choice recommended by Patients
Package includes online qualification, KTW airport transfers, surgery, high-quality implant, anaesthesia, physical therapy package, catering and stay (room with bathroom, TV and Wi-Fi)
Follow up next day, 3 days, 10 days stitches removal, 6 weeks after surgery, then if needed
Back to work time (office) 8 weeks
Full recovery time 8-12 weeks with rehabilitation
Driving 6 weeks
Approximate Package cost from £6,000/$8,000 (depending on the Doctor’s examination and medical diagnosis)

Total Knee Replacement Abroad – our Patient’s Review:

Total knee replacement in Poland – cost, information, reviews:

1. General Treatment Information for the total knee replacement surgery abroad

a) Expected results and benefits of the total knee replacement surgery abroad (in Poland).

What are the advantages of total knee replacement surgery?

Total knee replacement surgery in Poland, knee replacement abroad - physical therapy included in priceUsually, more than 90% of patients who had undergone total knee replacement surgery, has experienced improvement of their standard of living, meaning they could perform most of the daily activities and their pain was significantly reduced. With proper exercise moderation, the knee replacement implant can last for many years, although you need to be conscious, that some of the factors lead to faster wear of the prosthesis. Excessive activity such as high impact sports (running, jumping) and overweight may cause the pain, and entail the implant to slacken. You should stick to more peaceful activities such as swimming, unlimited walking, golf, biking and other low-impact sports.

b) About the total knee replacement procedure in Poland

During total knee replacement surgery, the orthopaedic surgeon will remove damaged parts from your knee – cartilage and bone, and then insert new implants to restore the function of your knee. The more accurate name for this procedure would be knee resurfacing surgery because only the surfaces are replaced, not the whole knee. It is mostly addressed to people over 50 years old, who have degenerative changes, severe osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis or post-traumatic arthritis. There are several types of prosthesis, chosen by a surgeon for each case. You will be informed which prosthesis model will be used. In our accredited private hospital, we offer the best knee implants by international providers such as Zimmer, Biomet, Smith & Nephew.

c) Treatment Schedule for the knee replacement surgery abroad

In knee replacement surgery you will be adhibited with general anaesthesia. The whole procedure will be completely pain – free.  After receiving the anaesthesia, there are several steps during the knee endoprosthesis placement process.  Firstly, the cut on the front of your knee is made. The doctor needs to prepare the bone, remove damaged surfaces at the end of tibia and femur; then he positions the implants (usually made from titanium) instead of the removed cartilage and bone. The undersurface of the patella is resurfaced with a plastic button. Finally, the plastic spacer is inserted between metal components to achieve a smooth gliding surface. The procedure takes about 1-2 hours. At the end of the surgery, cuts will be closed with stitches.

d) Potential side effects of knee replacement surgery abroad.

What are the potential side effects of total knee replacement surgery?

Although the knee endoprosthesis procedure is considered as safe and complications occur infrequently; there is always a small risk that any of the following may appear:

  • Infection (if you feel fever, chills, increased pain, significant swelling it may be a signal of an infection),
  • Blood clots,
  • Accumulation of blood in the knee,
  • Injury to a nerve,
  • Stiffness,
  • Implant problems,
  • Continuous pain,
  • Breaking of the bone,
  • Change of the length of the injured leg,
  • Loosen of the prosthesis (after some time the implant may become slacken).

Also having general anaesthesia may cause risks like allergic reactions or breathing problems.

e) Full Recovery Time after knee replacement surgery abroad:

In our private hospital, we offer special 14-days packages with physical therapy, best implant, surgery, care, exercising and room at the clinic. It is vital for your recovery to be careful and patient during these first two weeks, and we highly recommend to stay under the supervision of our surgeon and physical therapists. Full recovery time always depends on the complexity of the surgery and the general health of the Patient. You should be able to walk without crutches or frame about six weeks after surgery but be conscious that pain and swelling may remain for up to three months. Your new knee will need a lot of time to recover completely, during the first two years scar tissue and muscles will heal and be restored by exercises. Just after the surgery you should avoid sports like skiing or mountain biking, as the risk of falling is too high, and a new injury may harm the leg. Usually, after six weeks you can drive a car again and get back to work after 12 weeks.

2. Patient’s preparation for the total knee replacement surgery abroad


How shall I prepare myself for the Total Knee Replacement surgery?

The surgeon will explain to you how to behave before, during and after knee replacement surgery abroad. Probably the doctor will ask you to stop smoking – it increases the risk of getting a wound infection, and also may slow down your recovery or even lead to complications. You may be asked to return to appropriate body weight. You may be asked to wear compression stocking – they prevent blood clots in your legs, but you may also receive an anticlotting injection instead. You may be asked to shave your leg before the knee endoprosthesis surgery. In compound with general anaesthesia, you will be asked not to eat or drink anything for about six hours, before your surgery. Vital is to follow the rules to stop taking medicines that rarefy your blood. As the procedure is complex, you may need to prepare your apartment for some changes. For example, you may need to put some safety bars in your shower or bath, install secure handrails by the stairways (stairs climbing must be kept to the minimum), you may need a stable and comfortable chair for your recovery and a footstool for a leg elevation. You may also need to remove all carpets and rugs.

3. Diagnostics in knee replacement surgery abroad

How does the diagnostic process in total knee replacement abroad look like:

As the knee replacement surgery is irreversible, the decision about undergoing it must be well thought and supported by tests. Before making a decision about knee arthroplasty, your doctor will probably make a former careful examination, checking if you had any recent injuries, where you feel pain and other symptoms, usually he will provide some extra tests like blood tests, X-Ray, Ultrasound or MRI scan. Before the knee implantation surgery, your doctor may offer you other methods of treatment like physiotherapy or medications.

4. Qualification for the total knee replacement abroad

Qualification for the knee replacement surgery in Poland:

Your doctor may consider knee endoprosthesis (knee replacement) if your knee is painful, stiff, and the simplest activities are painful and difficult to perform. This surgery is a last resort help when other treatments are not leading to any effects. In most cases, it is reserved for people over 50 years old, who have degenerative changes, severe osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis or post-traumatic arthritis.

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Sanvimed is a comfortable and modern private hospital owning the ISO certificate and Patients Trust Award. The experienced and appreciated medical team is focused on joint replacements. With the mission to provide the highest quality care and the latest methods of treatment, Sanvimed is an excellent choice for Patients looking for a knee prosthesis, who expect exceptional care and family-like atmosphere. 

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Knee replacement surgery abroad, free qualification

Well, I have to say that I have tried to find something detrimental about the hospital and its staff, but I can’t.  Only to say that there was too much food!

The staff were exceptional, with how they helped me, put me at my ease, cared for me and Peter.

Dr Pawlak and his team were outstanding, answered all my questions, were always on hand to help should it be necessary.  I can’t give enough praise to them all.  Joanna and Aggi were to be congratulated on their translation.  They chauffeured us around from day out for Peter to a shopping trip for me and commuting to and from the airport.

Should you have anyone who is going to Poland for surgery, I would be more than happy to chat with them to put them at their ease, such as John did for me.

Joy Collins

Knee Replacement

Patients Reviews

Through this website, I would like to thank Dr Janusz Manachiewicz and other doctors for the best care ever during my stay in SANVIMED. I was impressed by his competence, professionalism and humane treatment. Also, professional help and friendly atmosphere provided by the nurses let me forget about all this stress. Taking full responsibility, I can recommend this medical centre, especially Dr Manachiewicz who is the right person in the right place. Way to go!

James, UK

knee surgery

I am pleased to tell you how well I am doing & I am back to normal after the operation. I have no pain & regained the strength in my leg. All in all a brilliant result from the operation.  We both still miss you all. Our best wishes to all the lovely nurses, to Lucas & Thomas & Mr Pawlak and of course. He did a wonderful job.

Janet and John Taylor

I was amazed by the brilliant job the doctors made. I came whole in pain, couldn’t sleep and walk. The surgery took place just one day after we arrived, so I had almost full two weeks for the proper rehabilitation programme. The care we received was extraordinary, everything was provided (and prepared in details, we even had fresh fruits on the table), we felt like coming to the family. I am still continuing my rehabilitation back at home and the effects are so great. We miss you already! Thank you so much, you gave me my life back.

Barbara Collis

Knee Replacement

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