Medical Travel to Poland

The Republic of Poland as a high-developed, safe and democratic country is a grounded European Union member (since 2004) where European medical and legal standards are actively implemented. Poland belongs to many International Organisations such as NATO, WTO, ONZ or WHO. Poland is the ninth biggest European country located between Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Lithuania and Kaliningrad Oblast, with 38 million inhabitants. The north border is appointed by the Baltic Sea.

The capital city of Poland is Warsaw – almost the geometric centre of Europe. Currency is Polish Złoty (meaning ‘golden’). In most clinics, shops, restaurants, you can use your credit card (Visa, Master Card), but sometimes it might be required to pay by cash.

Poland is one of the most willingly chosen European countries for a medical travel destination. As a leader in the matter of best quality and reasonable prices, Poland is frequently visited by Germans, Scandinavians and Britons for medical treatment. Due to PWC Health Report, we are hosting about 400 000 Foreign Patients a year.

You do not have to worry about who is going to treat you. Doctors in Poland are well educated, and specialists from our clinics have a long and wide medical experience. Generally speaking, medical studies in Poland are long and challenging, they are considered as one of the best in the world. Students start with six years of general medicine then they go through 13 months of a practical internship and another six years for specialisation. Polish doctors practice in the USA, UK and other European countries, they cooperate with renewed clinics and hospitals, take part in international congresses and are members of international medical associations.

Poland is a truly beautiful country with the great diversity of landscapes, from the sandy beaches at Hel peninsula, through post-glacial lakes in Mazury, monumental Tatra Mountains, lovely historic old towns in Kraków, Wrocław or Poznań and incredibly interesting Silesia region, where unique Industrial Monuments Route intertwines with flawless nature and lush history.

Southern Poland is a touristically wealthy region– in the close area, you can visit open for tourist coal mine GUIDO, largest Nazi’s concentration camp in Auschwitz, famous Tyskie Brewery, Castle in Pszczyna, Planetarium and much more. If you would like to explore any of those during your medical stay, we would be glad to arrange a trip for you.

Clinics that we cooperate with are mostly located in Silesia – a region in southern Poland.

The closest airport is in the suburbs of Katowice – Pyrzowice (30 min by car), you could easily reach it also by using Krakow (Cracow) – Balice Airport (1 hour by car).

You can get to know more about Katowice – the capital of Silesia below:

Katowice is the host city of annual European Economic Congress, the largest business event in Central Europe. During the three days, a shape of the economic future of Europe is trailblazed.